Tea & Biscuits: Rob chats with one of M&M's Web Gurus

Tea & Biscuits: Rob chats with one of M&M’s Web Gurus

Robboe: In your own words, what is the meaning of life?

Sword-: The meaning of life to me is finding purpose, fulfilling it, and living life to the fullest while you are still here.

Robboe: The correct answer is actually ‘42’, you troglodyte. Have you never seen “Hitchhiker’s Guide…”? Anyway, as an Intern of Avant, are you mentored by anyone specific on the Avant team or are you generally utilized by all for various jobs?

Sword-: Nah I just help out Brendan (turoati) with the website and the forums most of the time.

Robboe: I see, so you’re into web stuff and all that?

Sword-: Yeah…Big FreeBSD and Linux fan here, building my own systems, clustering, Open Source stuff, etc all interest me. I am moreso interested in how multimedia and communication is coming together in technology…that will be more fun to watch in the years to come.

Robboe: FreeBSD? C’mon now, explain all this for us a little. And make it interesting. Or else.

Sword-: Berkeley Software Distribution, University of California, Berkeley’s version of UNIX (which was created by AT&T). Linux is simply derived from UNIX/BSD. You could say BSD is the ‘purer’ form of UNIX. As the name of the OS says it is Free, as in free to use, distribute, etc. There is also OpenBSD and NetBSD.

Robboe: I have no idea what the hell you have just said. What’s so fascinating about multimedia etc?

Sword-: Well when you think about it…you have HDTV for example. To generate that quality of a picture you need some serious bandwidth going on to get it sent to you. So when you think of it that way, imagine what the progression of communications will be in the near future. Live video phone, etc. Information will be getting to you faster. Kinda a nice glimpse into the future.

Robboe: Ladies and gentlemen, the sound you’ve just heard is this shit flying way over my head. Excuse me while I change the topic. Any other particular jobs you have you been doing since starting your internship?

Sword-: Lately I have been doing a few tasks for Par Deus with the boards. He’s a cool guy.

Robboe: Anything you can divulge?

Sword-: Forum skin, making sure the moderator have proper permissions, RSS feed, and a chat server (IRC) for the site in the future.

Robboe: So we can blame you for any fuck-ups then?

Sword-: It’s already happened…


Robboe Amateurs. What made you apply for the intern openings on Avant anyway? And what did you think you could bring to the table in return? (Besides errors and malfunctions).

Sword-: I saw it as an opportunity to learn about the industry, do some interesting stuff with a great company, oh and free supplements!

Robboe So fickle…And what is it about yourself that you think drew Avant to select you?

Sword-: Personality and l33t sk|llz.

Robboe Now I KNOW you did not just type that…Are you actually wanting a beat-down?

Sword-: Haha…Gotta give a shout out to all my bros in the hacker culture!

Robboe Before this gets violent, let’s shift topic – do you frequently weight train? Most would expect this to have an obvious answer given that you frequently post on a message board significantly directed towards strength and body composition, but with Avant, it’s not so straightforward. If you do lift weights, why did you start and what has kept you going?

Sword-: Yeah man, I currently lift 4x a week and do HIIT cardio once or twice a week. I am currently 6′ 182 (started around 148 lbs when started lifting over a year and a half ago) and trying to push to 190-95 for the summer.

Basically I got more into lifting when I took a hiatus from school. I realized it helped me alleviate some of my depression/angst and it was an outlet for me. What motivates me is my friends who lift (GhostFaceKillah and Godmode are high school buddies of mine who turned into lifting beasts sometime during college, as have I), and who constantly light fires under my ass to push myself even more. Also nothing feels better than having your personal hobby, whatever it is, and learning more about it or making yourself more proficient in it. One of them for me is obviously lifting and I try to push myself every time I go in there to be better than I was the week before. That is perfection.

Robboe Lifting certainly helps me let off steam, so I can imagine it helping significantly. Got any particular favorite lifts? Or anything you’re particularly strong on that you’d like to share with your adoring fans?

Sword-: Well since I’ve grown, I’d say most my mass has gone to my legs and back. Leg day I sometimes fear.When you are doing heavy ass weight and you are in the ‘hole’, it’s soo scary. Back day is by far my most favorite day. I love lifting back. I am also starting to enjoy my chest and bi workouts though…dumbbell inclines are a staple in that workout.

Robboe Dumbbell has two b’s, but don’t worry, I’ll correct your incapable spelling. Ever met anyone famous?

Sword-: I saw Bill Clinton at a Wizards basketball game once when I was living in Northern VA/DC area.

Robboe Not bad. I don’t know why I asked actually, but it reminds me of the ‘pub question’ where you’re asked which five people of any generation you’d invite to a dinner party. Who would you pick?

Sword-: Let’s see…some interesting people to talk to. Probably Bill Clinton, MLK, RZA, OK Jesus and umm…one of my crushes now Jessica Biel.

Robboe I think mine would probably be Leonardo Da Vinci, Jeff Buckley, Eddie Izzard, HHH from the WWE, and of course, Jesus. Who is MLK and why Clinton?


Sword-: MLK = Martin Luther King!! You serious? Anyways Clinton seems like an intriguing man to say the least, as well as everyone else I picked (minus the chick).

Robboe Well since you put him right next to RZA I was thinking it was a Wu-Tang member I wasn’t aware of (there have been a lot of members). By the way, well done for stealing my Jesus suggestion and making it look like you chose him first. What do you have to say for yourself?

Sword-: OK…I’ll meet Jesus another time and meet Dave Chappelle instead…

Robboe When I chat to Jesus, I’ll tell him to give you a call. I’m debating in my head whether or not to continue listening to Classic FM (which I tend to do when I’m working and driving) or throw on Snoop’s “Doggystyle”. What do you reckon?

Sword-: Nah classical is good for certain situations. Hell, I love listening to classical music once in a while. I am more into the Baroque period (Bach, Vivaldi, etc). To be honest some Beethoven and Mozart gets on my nerves!

Rap is for chilling out with your bros, driving, and lifting for me. I’m not talking about the shitty commercial stuff. I got some suggestions if any of the readers would like to guide them in the right direction.

Electronic music varies. Trance is good for long road trips or doing cardio. Drum and Bass/ Jungle is good chill out music, of course you can pop that into the car. House…ehh I’m not big on house.

Robboe Nice answer. As it happens, I stuck with Classic FM. But I see music seems to be one of your triggers. What else are you passionate about?

Sword-: Women…

Well I’ve always been a man of science. Since I was young I was an avid reader…I have a bunch of old chemistry sets and radio kits either at my house or my grandmother’s house. I’ve also been collecting rocks and minerals since I was four. That has slowed down since my interest in computers and lifting…the biochemistry of supplements interest me a lot as well.

Robboe Aren’t women also the bane of a man’s life?

Sword-: Hmm…they can be.

Robboe But you’ve devised a means to not let them? I got no game. Show me some skillz.

Sword-: When we meet up sometime man.

Robboe I want skillz to pull the chicks, not to pull you. But I appreciate the interest, thank you. Do you live America?

Sword-: Virginia is for Lovers!

Robboe You’ll have to explain that ‘cause I’m from the UK and I’ve no idea what it means.

Sword-: Ahh that’s the state motto. I live in VA.

Robboe And what is it supposed to mean or reflect?

Sword-: Hmm…It’s just the motto. I love the motto. But perhaps I should put some rap quotes in from Virginia’s own Clipse:

I reside in VA, ride in VA
Most likely when I die, I’m gon’ die in VA

But then again…I’ve moved around a lot in the past, but Virginia is my home now.


Robboe Surely there’s got to be some sort of meaning in it? You can’t quote Clipse and not know why Virginia is for lovers!

Sword-: Hah. Really I don’t know where the motto came from.

Robboe Got any tattoos? If not, any plans to get any?

Sword-: Nope, just scars…

Robboe Ah yes, Scars & Stripes. Outside of your internship at Avant, what line of employment are you in?

Sword-: Pretty much a professional student! Nah, I got two more years of college or so ahead of me.

Robboe Oh yeah, what you studying?

Sword-: Trying to go the electrical engineering route. If that doesn’t work out how I want it to, then I will more than likely go the computer science router or BIT. Then again maybe a pure science like biochemistry and just get more IT experience on my own like I already have. My major changes every year 🙂

Robboe BIT?

Sword-: Business Information Technology

Robboe Ah, I see. And what are you hoping to do when you graduate?

Sword-: Possibly work in the telecommunication field actually or an environment where I will be interacting with computers, but definitely not a system administrator, I hate that sort of job. That is where my interests lie. Everything is becoming digital.

Robboe Well good luck with that. You fight much? The first fight I ever had, I knocked the girl’s glasses of her face with such a sweet right hook, but while basking in the glory of my finishing move, took a subsequent beating. What was your first fight like?

Sword-: Hmm…that was a long time ago. As I recall just some elementary school bullshit. I think we roughed each other up pretty bad though.

Robboe In other words, you got your ass handed to you, right?

Sword-: Haha…

Robboe Thought so. Anyway, have you noticed how I just don’t care how well these questions flow together anymore? How about that?

Sword-: Oh really? Yeah I noticed it. Good job Rob!

Robboe Thanks, it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s a fine art – a lost art, in fact. How old are you by the way?

Sword-: I’m 22.

Robboe Ok, with your mental age quite clearly half that, what are the top three things you’ve ever done in your life?

Sword-: It probably is at some times. Hmm…acquired a lot of knowledge, been exposed to a lot of experiences, and met great people throughout my life. I cannot equate ‘the top three things’ into single events, but rather what I’ve listed.

Robboe I would have expected this interview to be up there with the best. What are the top three things you’d like to do in your life?

Sword-: Become successful which means doing something I’m enjoying, making enough cash to sustain a certain lifestyle, and be happy. Let’s see… I’d like to travel, definitely. Also continue to learn.

Robboe Dude, you’ve been a pleasure to interview. Let me give you some stellar advice for your future goals – The line is, “Would you like fries, or a shake with that?”

Best of luck.


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