Melanotan II: Tanning Alternative Prevents Skin Cancer Buried


What if I told you there was a drug that prevented skin cancer, prevented diabetes, cured impotence and made you look better?  You would say if a drug was this great, you would have heard of it. Which might be true if not for the FDA.  For almost a decade Europeans have been benefiting from the miracle drug Melanotan II. In fact in 2009 a poll of Norwegian pharmacies deduced that 10,000 syringes were used by melanotan users. Thats one country. One year.

Want to know the biggest irony? It was developed in Arizona in 1996.  It was developed to prevent skin cancer because it causes the user to get a tan.  Because of this Britain and Norway are favorites of it.  You see, the FDA won’t legalize it because it was being researched for release as a separate drug, one that causes erections.

Let me clarify this, a drug was developed in the United States for prevention of skin cancer that protects you from sunlight by giving you a tan. It had the side effect of erections. Because of the greed of corporate America, since there is more money in erections than preventing cancer, the drug has been tied up in testing for 18 years. Meanwhile, all of Europe is using it for over a decade.  What’s the FDA’s excuse? They claim it causes skin cancer. WTF you ask? Let me explain the science.  

Put Your Depends On, This Is Gonna Be Rough!

Sunlight has ultraviolet beams. 3 types penetrate our ozone.  A, B, and C.  Sunlight has lots of A which do the least damage and create a superficial tan which is short lived and doesn’t cause melanocytes to release more melanin, it only darkens existing melanin. Type B rays do way more DNA damage and subsequently the body makes permanent changes to protect against the damage. The melanocytes release more melanin to protect the body.  This allows the body to get darker faster when exposed to UVA beams.  C and the high energy beams ionize atmospheric nitrogen and  reflect off the ozone respectively.  Clouds filter the light and protect people from the sun. Arizona is sunny, Norway is not.  So with more sunlight hitting the skin of people you get more skin cancer.   There is damage to the DNA.  UVA does single strand breakage, and UVB does double strand breakage and causes non functional bonds. If the DNA repair does not happen right, skin cancer may result.  Eventually, given enough UV radiation all people will get skin cancer.  

Genetics of the repair mechanism is half the reason why some people get skin cancer and others don’t.  The other half of the genetics is their natural propensity for skin pigmentation.  Melanocytes are cells in the skin that release melanin. Melanin is what gives pigment. Brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin all come from melanin.  Fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes are due to double recessive genes for low melanin.  So in prehistoric times people who had sunny climate like Africa evolved to have melanin, the dark pigmentation protected their skin from the UV damage.  In places cloudy and cold like Norway, my ancestors developed light pigmentation to allow as much UV light as possible in since that UV energy was necessary to form Vitamin D.  20 minutes for fair people of direct sunlight can generate as much as 1000 iu of Vitamin D.

How is this relevant? Well when you take people whose ancestors come from Norway and put them in a sunny desert like Arizona their skin doesn’t have the melanin armor to protect it from the sun. Subsequently fair people are the ones most susceptible to skin cancer: their skin takes so much DNA damage they can’t repair enough of it and it’s a matter of time…

Continued on part 2!

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