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Become a Sex Machine (or at least train like one) by: Chris Kelly Chris Kelly is an NSCA Core Strength and Conditioning coach, nutritionist, and experienced fitness writer. Chris works with athletes, bodybuilders and trainees of all kinds to develop custom fitness solutions to fit any goal. To learn more about his online training program, please contact […]

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The Call of Pheromones – Part II by: Ji-Yong David Chung Part I of the current article has covered the basic research studies on pheromones. Part II will attempt to make some sense of two or three candidate pheromones that have been mentioned in Part I. I. Psychology of Sexual Attraction, Androstadienone and Androstenol Just prior […]

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The Call of Pheromones – Part I by: Ji-Yong David Chung In the course of human history, many have searched for substances and procedures to enhance their reproductive potential. One strategy has been to augment one’s libido via consumption of aphrodisiacs, which include champagne, oysters, “Spanish fly”, etc. More recently, the scientific community has contributed in […]

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