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Intelligence – Part III by: Brendan Alexander Part 1 Part 2 Part III of this series examines perhaps the two most controversial and misunderstood aspects of intelligence: heritability and test bias. Full books could, and have, been written on both of these topics, so obviously the information presented here is not all encompassing. I’ll try to […]

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Intelligence: General Intelligence – Part II by: Brendan Alexander Part 1 Part 3 Hopefully, having read Part I of this series, the reader has come to regard intelligence as a sort of ill-defined bulge in the pants pocket of psychology – an entity that surely exists, but whose exact nature is questionable. The last installment left […]

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Intelligence and its Measures – Part I by: Brendan Alexander Part 2 Part 3 Author’s note: The topic of intelligence is extremely complex and riddled with misconceptions and disinformation. When writing this, I wanted to give the basic information so everyone is on the same page when I get to the more interesting stuff in part […]

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