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Training to Optimize Daily Function by: Chris Kelly Chris Kelly is an NSCA Core Strength and Conditioning coach, nutritionist, and experienced fitness writer. Chris works with athletes, bodybuilders and trainees of all kinds to develop custom fitness solutions to fit any goal. To learn more about his online training program, contact him at [email protected] Moves to […]

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by: Wesley Silveria AKA Iron Addict But can you use it? The sad truth is that many lifters don’t want you to know is that while they look great they are in horrible health and are for the most part non-functional. I have hung out with many, many lifters over the years that looked great but […]

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Olympic Hypertrophy Training Power or muscle? Functionality or muscle? Speed or muscle? Strength or muscle? Do I really have to choose? It seems like all trainers seem to separate these goals. Many bodybuilders have shared the ageless thought that you can be big or functional, but not both. Through experimentation and some research, I have […]

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