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Direct Assault: The “Case” for Arms Training by: James Chan, NSCA-CPT Recently there’s been a trend of abbreviated training routines. In these routines, basic compound movements such as the bench press and barbell rows are emphasized, but direct arm work is nonexistent. The argument that’s asserted for such routines is that direct arm work does very […]

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Summer Time Arms by: Jimmy Smith, CSCS We’re getting close to Memorial Day. At time of writing we are nine weeks out, that’s nine weeks to finish building the best body you want. Now is also the time that I start specializing on certain body parts with my clients. I work with the areas that they need […]

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by: Jim Ganley Considered Armed and Delirious Most weight trainers, particularly beginners, have a fascination with arm development. Biceps are a top priority here. In many ways sporting a pair of baseball biceps may actually be a status symbol among this group, directly related to one’s position in the pecking order or hierarchy of the gym. I […]

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