Synephrine: Stimulant or Fat Burner? - Mind And Muscle

Synephrine is an alkaloid from the Citrus Arantium fruit, otherwise known as “bitter orange”. Synpehrine has been compared for many years to ephedrine, but it has none of the potent fat loss and a less potent stimulant effect compared to ephedrine.  The bitter orange contains a high amount of synephrine alkaloids. It is calculated that nearly 27mg of synephrine would be consumed in a standard 16oz bitter orange drink.  The synthetic version synephrine hcl would yield the same chemical to the body once consumed, making it legal to use as a dietary supplement.

Synephrine is safe

That’s not to say that Synephrine isn’t useful for weightloss and energy, it is just not as potent as ephedrine. Synephrine is very safe and although there are countless papers and articles pointing to the oddball adverse effect, the millions of doses of synephrine make it extraordinarily safe as a dietary supplement. It’s estimated that over 100 million doses of synephrine containing drinks and supplements have been taken since it’s introduction as a dietary supplement in the 90’s. The law specifically says that a product must be “reasonably expected to be safe”. Reports from medical professionals about the adverse effects of synephrine pale in comparison to the amount of people that have taken this dietary supplement over the years.

Potentially inaccurate reports

It seems quite clear that the medical community is blind to the lies that go on and simply take these adverse effect reports according to a 2004 WebMD study of patients, 22% lied about smoking, 16% lied about how much or how often they drink alcohol and 12% lied about recreational drug use. With this taken into consideration, it would appear that synephrine is a very safe supplement considering that it is estimated that over 100 million synephrine containing supplements have been sold, which makes these reports absurd considering that 12 million of the people using synephrine could have also been at risk due to illegal drug use which seems to go unreported to the medical community. Additionally, doctors rarely do a full medical background check before they publish these articles, instead treating each incident independent of the patients medical history.

Synephrine has shown some promise as a weight loss aid, but it isn’t nearly as potent as ephedrine. Additionally, it is often mixed with caffeine, dimethylamylamine and other mental stimulants. It is best used to help reduce appetite and to add additional energy to a diet pill since synephrine isn’t a strong fat loss agent on its own.

Stimulants can help you exercise longer and get you out of a funk and into the right frame of mind to exercise. If you are taking synephrine expecting amazing weight loss results, you will likely be disappointed, but as a stimulant in addition to caffeine and other ingredients synephrine still has a place in many diet pills.

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