All The Supplements That Reduce Myostatin – Get Bigger Naturally - Mind And Muscle


Once upon a time, a company released “green lipped muscle extract” as a miracle myostatin inhibitor. The ad was pretty cool, it showed these enormous bulls that had folds upon folds of muscle mass. The promise was to the masses that if we blocked myostatin, we would get as big as these bulls!

Sadly, it didn’t work and in fact it was studied and shown to have no activity blocking myostatin at all.

It has some ecdysterone in there and some amino acids and rhodiola but it failed to show any results at lowering myostatin. For that reason, myostatin got shelved for about 15 years and disappeared from the mainstream rags.


Just when we had forgotten all about myostatin and moved on to other supplements two major breakthroughs happened to bring myostatin back into the mainstream.

First, Dr. Colker released his follistatin product with MHP called Myo-X. Follistatin is the “opposite” of myostatin and Dr. Colker extracted this fraction from egg yolks and made it into a granular product that tasted pretty good for what it is!

The product has some internal studies behind it and I tend to believe that it works. I really enjoyed it and I got a great leaning out effect from it!

Next came epicatechin which is an extract of both dark chocolate and green tea. This tea constituent has been shown in some studies to inhibit myostatin and the results look really good. Many supplement companies jumped on this bandwagon and there are plenty of epicatechin products out there. Be careful though since quality of some of these seems questionable.


There are some other supplements (not too many) that show myostatin inhibiting potential. The list is pretty short, but you can get most of these quite easily.

  • Creatine Monohydrate – yes, the worlds best loved supplement next to protein has been shown to lower myostatin levels. Creatine at 5-10g seems to be perfect in combination with other myostatin blocking agents.
  • Lactate – this supplement simulates the body’s response to working out. According to one study, lactate stimulates testosterone production and reduces myostatin. This makes sense when you realize that lactic acid spills into the blood as lactate and is a major signal for increasing growth and repair.
  • Sulfurophane – this extract of broccoli has been shown in studies to lower myostatin and to reduce estrogen from estradiol (the most potent form) to lesser forms of estrogen. Thus in this way it reduces the estrogen load and also reduces myostatin.
  • Schizandra (fructus schisandrae) – the ethanolic extract of this herb shows promise in reducing myostatin and increasing other factors that help with muscle growth.
  • HMB – once touted as “stronger than Deca” this amino acid metabolite of Leucine shows equal mTOR activity and also reduces myostatin levels in skeletal muscle. It may work differently from Leucine so it’s a good idea to stack the two.
  • Leucine – this amino acid stimulates muscle mass through the mTOR pathway and may also reduce myostatin in a similar fashion to HMB. It’s not known if they work the same way or upon different pathways.


You can create the ultimate myostatin reducing stack in combination with other natural prohormones and natural anabolics. I will tell you that myostatin reduction absolutely works and takes 1-2 months to see real results. That being said, the benefit to reducing myostatin is that you should absolutely keep your gains for at least a year after your cycle. I’d consider that these are the most important supplements, in order of importance:

  1. Epicatechin – 200mg minimum per day
  2. Calcium Lactate – 2g minimum
  3. Sulfurophane – 20mg minimum (Brocomax is a good formula)
  4. HMB – 1.5g per day
  5. Schizandra – 500mg 3x per day of the raw herb powder
  6. Creatine – 7g per day
  7. Leucine – 3g per day

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