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guy doing pushupsProhormones: Superdrol (TM) was released as a dietary supplement just before the 2004 Prohormone Ban went into effect. As this compound was new, it was not listed in the legislation as a banned steroid. Somehow this steroid has flown under the radar for the past five years. This prosteroid is the C-17 alpha alkylated version of dromostanolone and is likely to cause similar effects. Superdrol is a DHT derivative but is due to the protection of the 2 alpha methyl group there is less deactivation by 3-alpha hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. This steroid cannot be converted to estrogenic metabolites through aromatization. When superdrol was first introduced, it was touted as being free of side effects but it became apparent quite quickly that this was not the case. The dimethylation is likely to improve the bioavailability, but will also increase liver toxicity. Androgenic side effects are also likely and will depend on dose. Because of its strong androgenic activity, superdrol causes rapid reductions in HDL levels and produces side effects such as acne, hair loss, oily skin, high blood pressure and the other common androgenic side effects. Users report rapid strength increases with similar weight gain compared to M1T. As with M1T, this steroid is likely a potent inhibitor of 11-beta hydroxylase resulting in water retention and elevated blood pressure with little subcutaneous edema. There have been reports of gynecomastia occurring either during or after a cycle of superdrol. The same explanation used for M1T would probably apply to superdrol as well.

Other names include: Monsterdrol, MDrol, MethylVol, 2AD, Methasteron,

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