New Superdiol Analog Likely Won't Work - Mind And Muscle

IMG_2020If you didn’t know, some “hack” dreamed up a new M-Drol, Superdrol, Beastdrol (all the same compound called methasteron) prohormone analog based on the 2a,17a-Methyl-androstane-3-one,17b-ol skeleton.  Unfortunately for the ones making it, they clearly have no idea about steroid biochemistry.  The entire point to “Superdrol” is that it is a di-methyl.  These methyl groups are illegal to sell, but they do protect the molecule from deactivation.  Sadly, in this “New Superdiol” product, it would appear to anyone with a brain for steroid biochemistry, that they accomplished the exact opposite of the desired effect.  


In a nutshell, what the people did that introduced this new steroid to the market is make it weaker by protecting the 3-Hydroxy group from changes.  If you didn’t know friends, the 3-Hydroxy is what the body needs to convert into the 3-ketone in order for the prohormone to become active in the body.  So, while “superdiol” is a prohormone to the now DEA scheduled “M-Drol/Beastdrol/Superdrol” it is a prohormone that can’t convert and thus is going to be far weaker than the parent molecule!  


Sadly, this “superdiol” will be just as liver toxic as the old “superdrol” molecule but likely 1/10th the strength, thus you get all of the negative effects and very little of the positive effects.  Superdiol is another demonstration of what a joke this industry has become when people who can’t spell Biochemistry start making steroids in China.  I think what sums it up best is a discussion I once heard from some idiot who went into the prohormone game “I don’t know a thing about these steroids,  but everyone is making money off of them, so why not jump into it”.


There are safe and legal prohormones that you can take, which have the same accomplishments as the illegal chemically altered ones.  These prohormones are legal by both FDA and DEA standards and also do not have the damaging side effects that are found in the chemically altered prohormones on the market.  The andro product on our site and others do have a huge advantage of not destroying your liver, cardiovascular system and other organs.  


Even though andro is still available for purchase on this site and others, it is becoming painfully obvious that the law makers that do not understand the difference between legal hormones that help men over 21 feel better share nothing with their chemically altered, illegal cousins.  In 2012 a new anabolic steroid control act was introduced into congress.  Luckily congress ran out of time before the bill could be moved forward.   Still, Dick Durbin has announced that he will re-introduce the bill in 2013 for consideration.   With chemically altered steroids like this being introduced, it will give law makers exactly what they need to clear this important class of bodybuilding supplements off of the market. 

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