Sublingual Delivery

Do you want what you buy to work faster? Do you want more of it to make it into your system and not just mix with food and get eliminated as waste? Then sublingual delivery is for you!

What Is It

Sublingual delivery is a way to get a supplement or prohormone into your bloodstream faster than oral delivery.  When you swallow a pill or capsule a lot can go wrong! There needs to be a certain amount of stomach acid to dissolve the pill or capsule. If you have other things in your stomach, it can chemically bind with the compound and make it useless, and it may take an hour or more to get from your mouth to your bloodstream!

With sublingual delivery, it bypasses the stomach and digestive system.   Certain compounds are added to the liquid or tablet supplement which drive it through the lining of your mouth into your bloodstream. From your blood, the supplement travels to your heart and then to your brain for focus supplements and muscles for growth.

How Do I Use It

This is the coolest part; simply put the sublingual tablet under your tongue and allow it to dissolve, then with the saliva/supplement mixture around in your mouth for 30 seconds and it will travel immediately into your bloodstream.  Many focus products will be felt instantly!

Side Effects

One of the best parts of sublingual delivery is there are no side effects! In fact, it eliminates the drawbacks of oral delivery. Oral delivery has issues with losing effectiveness depending on your digestive health and stomach contents. Oral delivery is also inconsistent with how long it takes to absorb the supplement and how much of the supplement actually makes it to your bloodstream.

All of the prohormones available at Mind and Muscle are sublingual delivery, made specifically for better absorption and bioavailability than our competitors.

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