The best breakfast for athletes is a pure protein breakfast

muscled guy medicine ballResearchers at the university of Erlangen-Nuremburg in Germany discovered that the best breakfast for athletes is to eat a pure protein meal first thing in the morning causes your body to produce more anabolic hormones like growth hormone and insulin than when you consume a breakfast mixed with protein, carbohydrates and fat. They also found that protein meals lower your cortisol level which is extremely important to athletes of all kinds.

The research scientists had men ages 18 to 40 consume a mixture of 24 g of amino acids dissolved in a glass of water, at 8 o’clock in the morning. The mixture contained vitamins, minerals, the amino acids Val, Leu, Ile, Phe, Tyr, Try, Lys, Met, Cys, Thr and His, as well as trace elements. The subjects in one control groups ate nothing (fasting control group) and another control group was given a milk powder meal that contained the same amount of joules as the amino acid shake (iso control group) and consisted primarily of carbohydrates with some protein.


The pure protein breakfast resulted in a very high GH peak: the concentration rose on average by a factor 21, and remained high for about an hour and half in most subjects. Athletes and people who care about health and well being in general would do well to have their breakfast as high proteins as possible. Doing so will result in your GH production soaring as well as an increase IGF-1. Again, a pure protein breakfast first think in the morning is the best breakfast.

Another great result was that the amino acid breakfast also lowered the volunteer’s cortisol levels. At the experiments end, the cortisol level of the amino acid control group was half, whereas the cortisol level of the subjects in the milk powder group had only gone down by about ten percent.

So keep your breakfast (and some would say lunch to) to clean, pure protein and you can expect to see great, long term results. Don’t settle for good, have the best breakfast you can each day!


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