Strongest Prohormones in the market

Strongest Prohormones On The Market

Liquid Labs Pro-hormone line is the Strongest Prohormone line sold on the market today. There is nothing stronger that is also legal. Sure you have some companies out there selling SARM’s, but rest assured, these are not legal. Some companies operate under the guise that just because the DEA isn’t knocking on the door, it’s okay to sell a drug in phase 2 clinical trials OTC. Well, it isn’t legal,  at least not in the FDA’s point of view. So short of buying illegal anabolic steroids which can lead to health and legal issues, what options does the hard training individual who just wants to make solid gains buy? The simple answer is Mind and Muscle Liquid Labs Line. Whether you buy the Basic Mass Stack, the Basic Cut Stack, or any of these products as a stand alone product, rest assured these are the strongest product legally available. These were formulated to be both effective, and more importantly, safe. A product is no good if it trashes your health to make gains. That isn’t how a smart person approaches life. We made a product to give our customers the most possible benefits, with the least risk.

Basic Mass Stack


Strongest Prohormones: Basic Mass Stack

The Liquid Labs Basic Mass Stack is comprised of Te, Eq, Pr, and Epic pre-workout. These are put together to maximize the synergy of the different compounds. The base compound is the Te. This compound if made to be about the equivalent of 500 mg of testosterone enanthate. This will drive up sexual function, keep you leaner, and give you “drive” in the gym. It is also great for strength and size gains. The Eq is a great addition because like it’s steroid cousin equipoise, it gives few side effects, yet gives excellent lean gains. It is a staple in almost every professional bodybuilders arsenal. The Pr is equivalent to primobolan. This is the gold standard steroid all bodybuilders loved. It basically gives you 100% lean gains that you don’t lose when you come off. We also have Hi-Tech Jack’d Up for a pre-workout to ramp your mind up to bust your ass in the gym. No excuses. You can’t grow on this stack, you will never grow. Order yours today and get growing!

Strongest Prohormones: Basic Cut Stack

The Liquid Labs Basic Cut Stack is the strongest prohormone cut stack on the market. It is comprised of Liquid Labs Te, Wi, and Ma. The Te is again the base. yes, it’s a wet prohormone, but we bodybuilders know it is necessary to use testosterone as out base in a any cycle. The next compound is th Wi. This is the cousin of winstrol, the legendary cutting drug. Unlike the drug winstrol, Liquid Labs Wi doesn’t cause joint pain at all. It actually blocks cortisol from binding on the muscle, there by causing gains. Our product literally takes away the number one side effect of winstrol, and does so legally. The last hormone is Ma, the equivalent of Masteron. Ma does many things. It raises strength levels, it burns fat better, it inhibits aromatase enzyme thus negating the need for a anti-estrogen. It may cause some shutdown so we recommend using Rise and Swell after the cycle.    Jack’d Up is the fuel to get you going when your dragging ass. This will sharpen your physique up a ton, making it much easier to get lean when cutting season comes around. Look your best naked, your girlfriend will appreciate you more. No Dad bod’s here at Mind and Muscle!


Strongest Prohormones: Do It Right!

First things first, Liquid Labs Prohormones are the strongest prohormone brand on the planet bar none. If it’s stronger, it’s illegal or a steroid! We literally are pushing the envelope with these products, but we don’t care. We want to give our customers what they want. We also advise following the labeled instructions. Don’t fall prey to the “Arnold did 2 so I will do 4 and look twice as good. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. We made these to be great following the directions, they are that powerful. The best scenario would be to run 4 weeks Basic Mass Stack, then 4 weeks Rise and Swell. Then run 4 weeks Basic Mass Stack, followed by 4 weeks Rise and Swell. Then run the Basic  Cut Stack 8 weeks, then Rise and Swell for 4 weeks. This will put a good 10-15 lbs on a person then get them torn up to look like a million bucks. Come and get it today. Take full advantage of Liquid Labs , the strongest prohormone line legal to sell.


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