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Stimulants – Intensity, Fat Loss, Wakefulness

Everyone loves stimulants. Some people take them for motivation. Others take them for fat burning and still others combine them for the effect. Stimulants have been shown to be reasonably safe for healthy people but some (such as yohimbine) can cause anxiety in people. Always make sure you check with a health care professional prior to any diet and exercise program and this is not to be considered medical advice.

Stimulant timing is important because each nutrient has a life in the body. Some like DMAA seem very short while caffeine lasts 5-7 hours and yohimbine can be felt by some people 12 hours later. It’s important to make sure and time your stimulants to get the best effect for focus and intensity.


Here’s a quick run down of the current stimulants on the market and my estimate for fat loss and stimulation (rated 1-10)

  • Caffeine – 200-500mg – Raises work capacity 11% and mobilizes fat. Been shown in one study to uptake oral steroids by 2000%. Possibly due to liver effects.
    Fat Loss: 8
    Stimulation: 8
  • PEA / N-Methyl-PEA – 200-1000mg Feel good chemical in the body. Rapidly cleared from the blood. Not good for fat loss. Needs a MAO inhibitor to be effective.
    Fat Loss: 1
    Stimulation: 5
  • Theobromine – 100-300mg – metabolite of caffeine and also naturally occurring. May make you feel good, but not effective for fat loss.
    Fat Loss: 1
    Stimulation: 5
  • Theophylline – 100-300mg – Another caffeine metabolite. Has a decent stimulant effect and can help mobilize fat. Quasi-legal since it’s a drug. Part of the original Jack3d and OxyElite.
    Fat Loss: 7
    Stimulation: 7
  • Yohimbine – 2-40mg – It’s a decent stimulant for some people but it also seems to require a much higher dose than we are currently taking. Does stimulate fat burning both topically and orally.
    Fat Loss: 8
    Stimulation: 7
  • Alpha-Yohimbine – 1-10mg – likely greater fat loss effect but less stimulant effect than standard yohimbine.
    Fat Loss: 8
    Stimulation: 4
  • DMAA- 2-100mg – No data done on the fat loss properties. Seems to have little effect on fat loss and appetite, but focus and mood make it a good addition.
    Fat Loss: 6
    Stimulation: 9
  • DMHA – 200-400mg – no studies on the fat loss properties, probably similar to DMAA focus and mood.
    Fat Loss: 6
    Stimulation: 9
  • Synephrine – 20-100mg – chemical cousin to ephedrine. Seems to have an anti-lypolysis effect on fat loss, but could help with focus and energy.
    Fat Loss: 3
    Stimulation: 7
  • Ephedrine – 10-30mg – one of the strongest fat burners. B2 agonist and seems to cause an increase of 90% fat loss compared to placebo. Can be found in stores as a asthma aid.
    Fat Loss: 10
    Stimulation: 10
  • Methyl-Synephrine – 20-40mg – another cousin to ephedrine (hybrid) and is probably modest for fat loss. Good for focus and intensity compared to synephrine.
    Fat Loss: 7
    Stimulation: 8.
  • Halostachine – 20-40mg – another cousin to ephedrine (hybrid) and is poor for fat loss but can provide focus and stimulation in some people. Good for focus and intensity compared to synephrine.
    Fat Loss: 2
    Stimulation: 8.
  • Nicotine – 1-5mg – vaping or smoking or patch or gum for those that wish to use it as such. Effective fat burner but is mildly addictive and can cause nausea in some people.
    Fat Loss: 9
    Stimulation: 6
  • Cytosine – 1-4mg – nicotine analog that isn’t addictive but has the same fat burning effect. More orally available too. Hard to find but is a good addition if you can aquire it.
    Fat Loss: 9
    Stimulation: 6

In the next podcast I will cover things we can add to our stimulants to increase fat buring (non-stimulant).

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