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Squat Workouts That Work

All you need to do is walk into any gym and you will see some great arms, some great shoulders, and some great chests. You will have to look long and hard to find good legs. I always have said legs are a badge of honor. Even if you’re genetically blessed, legs are just plain hard work. It hurts to train legs properly. If you do them right, you will feel like you are going to vomit on yourself before its all said and done. They are exhausting, they hurt for days after you train, and nobody will c

I personally like to start my workouts with back squats. 75% of the time, you want to do these first in your workout because they absolutely blast the daylights out your body. I liken it to having $100 in your wallet to spend on exercises. Squats might coast you $40-$50 of your hundred dollars in terms of metabolic cost. So you have to carefully plan out the exercises so you don’t dig too deep of a hole. I will give a an example of the type of things I like to do. The following is a typical David Reid workout.



Squats 1×[email protected], 1×[email protected], 1×[email protected], 1×[email protected], 1×[email protected]

Hack Squats 1×[email protected] plate/side 1×[email protected] plates/side 1×[email protected] plates/side 1×[email protected] plates/side

Walking Lunges 4×10/leg 35 lb dumbells each hand

Leg Extensions 1×[email protected] lbs 1×[email protected] lbs 1×[email protected] lbs 1×[email protected] lbs

Lying Leg Curls 1×[email protected] lbs 1×[email protected] lbs 1×[email protected] lbs 1×[email protected] lbs

Seated Leg Curls 1×[email protected] lbs 1×[email protected] lbs 1×[email protected] lbs 1×[email protected] lbs

RDL 1×[email protected] 135 lbs 1×[email protected] 225 lbs 1×[email protected] 315 lbs 1×[email protected] 405 lbs

Seated Calf 1×[email protected] 90 lbs 1×[email protected] 135 lbs 1×[email protected] 180 lbs 1×[email protected] 225 lbs

Standing Calf 1×[email protected] 150 lbs 1×[email protected] 170 lbs 1×[email protected] 190 lbs 1×[email protected] 210 lbs

Do The Best Squats If You Want Respect

Instead of being the guy who likes like he walks on his hands all day, do you want legs that are twisted steel and sex appeal. The average person will gush over the guy with lean 15″ arms. I personally prefer to see some hanging hamstrings or striated quads. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good set of guns, but I am not too easily impressed by the  easy muscles to train. All muscles need to be trained to keep balance, but legs are my barometer for your physique. I tell a lot of the athletes that I train that leg day is akin to a dipstick for testicles. This is how I understand the limits of your convictions. Get out there and do the best squats workout and make permanent changes to your physique. If you want to accelerate your gains, get out advanced mass stack. That will take your growth to a whole new level.


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