Social Media and Body Image - Mind And Muscle

Even though it may seem like social media has been around for forever, it is fairly new. Ask your parents, was there social media when they were our age? Do they have any accounts?

Social media was “born” in 1997 with a website called Six Degrees and has ever been experiencing rapid growth. Whether or not we look at social media as a positive or negative, it is ever present and influences each individual in a way.

If we relate it to fitness, social media can have a huge impact on our body image… that is what I want to talk about. We are now exposed to more and more images of unattainable beauty, or non-maintainable.

In the bodybuilding world we (hopefully) have a great understanding of what a stage body is and what a healthy body is, but, what about your followers on social media that aren’t aware of the differences between stage and life?

I want to stress that what is put out on social media is the best of the best, filtered and most likely edited. Good angles, good lighting. When I post a picture of me on stage with ripped abs and defined quads, that is not how I usually walk around. I work hard towards attaining a slim, lean body, I have a spray tan on and am water depleted.

Especially now, at the start of the year, when people set themselves new years resolutions, we have to realize that what we want to pursue has to be our best, not someone else’s body. Girls, don’t try to look like Paige Hathaway, guys, don’t try to bulk to look like Calum Von Moger.

Use social media as inspiration to work hard, as a tool to keep yourself on track but never ever compare yourself to anyone else. Fitness is about pursuing your own best, your personal body goal and not the body of someone else.

Look at other people’s transformations, they didn’t just one day wake up looking shredded, it takes hard work and PERSISTENCY. Stick to the plan, be patient and never lose sight of where you started. Progress will take time but it will be worth it.



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