Simple New Way To Get Massive Pumps

 Simple New Way To Get Massive Pumps 

 I Would Sell My Soul (if I still had one) For Bigger Arms 

A buddy of mine was telling me about this patch called a Power Strip he had that was supposed to reduce chronic pain. It sounded like the magnets that supposedly cure fibromyalgia to me. Im a pretty skeptical guy so I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work, but I watched the YouTube video to be respectful to my friend.  Of the 5 technologies that were involved in the patch the one that caught my attention was the far infrared technology.  Basically the patch redirects lost heat emitted by your skin back into you and it dilates your blood vessels to increase blood flow.  It also seeps marine phytoplankton, silver, and red ginseng into the blood. This is supposed to have a synergistic effect of delivering a plethora of nutrients to the tissue all with a dermal patch.  

Immediately my head was spinning.  I could use this patch on my left tricep to possibly increase blood flow.  I could spray NO Infuse on the skin then apply the patch to drive in Arginine for greater NO and a better pump.  Women could use topical yohimbine, L-carnitine, and theophylline on their cellulite and apply the patch to smooth that area out and burn fat directly from their butts while doing cardio.  

 I Asked For Some Samples To try It Out 

First I applied the patch to my left tricep 45 minutes before training.  I had shaved my arms the day before.  I did HIIT cardio to warm up: Nothing. Beat my biceps like a redheaded stepchild: Nothing.  Then 3 sets into rope pull aparts I was shocked that my skin on my left tricep was burning. Not a chemical skin inflammation, but an actual heat like a piece of metal which was laid out in the sun was being pressed on my skin.  My skin felt stretched so tight I felt it might rip. Normally I get sick pumps on my right side and nothing on my left, and my right tricep tendon hurts where it inserts on the bone, what most people mistake for elbow pain.  Not this time. I knew I had the right tricep pump, but I had ZERO right tricep tendon pain and a MASSIVE left tricep pump.  My left arm was so red you would think I was the Kool-Aid Man, Oh Yeah!

30 more minutes of triceps and the pump didn’t fade, it got bigger. The burning was intense enough that I found myself involuntarily scratching at the pad, Like my body was trying to protect itself.  I left the patch on for the rest of the day and the burning stopped soon after training, but the pump lasted all day.  

A skeptic told me to repeat the experiment.  2 days later I hit chest and triceps.  On my second set of dumbbell flys, a warm up set for the chest with virtually no tricep activity, the patch started burning.  So instead of a diminished response I was getting a potentiated response: My body was responding better to the patch with repeated exposures not responding worse.  Want to hear the weirdest part?  I left the patch on and I woke up smiling and happy. I was ready to be productive and cheerful. Usually I wake up exhausted and in pain, barely able to move. Its been that way for as long as I can remember.  I still have the patch on now as I type this and I am going to murder my delts later with the patch on left rear and middle delts because I have a hard time getting a pump wth those as well. I will use NO infuse this time to see if it works better!

I ordered 150 Power Strips last night and I think this is a gift from the gods handed down from Mt. Olympus so I may ascend to the Olympia stage one day. I had just about given up on the idea that my left upper limb could grow, but now my belief in my ability to grow is rekindled and I’m ready to take 2014 by storm!

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