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Andro side effectsMany athletes are looking to supplementing pro-hormones for an array of reasons. Andro is one of the most common precursors to testosterone for building muscle and increasing strength. Although, this compound is highly effective, it does have some side effects. Before you buy andro, it’s wise to understand what you will be experiencing. Users report the use of andro to be very easily tolerated and adverse reactions to be mild. Many side effects can be avoided and easily controlled with proper knowledge and supplementation. We will discuss this later on.

Side effects of Andro prohormones include the following:

  • Andro may cause liver stress upon prolonged use if not cycled correctly.
  • Can cause elevated estrogen concentration in the blood which can lead to male breast development (gyno).
  • Users experienced increased acne due to oily skin, a cause of excess testosterone.
  • Increased DHT, a byproduct of testosterone, may cause temporary hair loss.
  • Andro can cause increased aggression.
  • Supplementing Andro can cause temporary natural testosterone shutdown. This causes temporary testicles shrinking, reduced sperm count.
  • Can cause masculinizing effects in women. Deepened voice, facial hair, and enlarged clitoris. (It’s highly recommended for women to not use Andro. There are better alternatives.)

Why does your body stop producing natural testosterone when supplementing Andro prohormones?

If given that the body has an exceeding amount of androgen or estrogen, the gland will message the testicles to stop all production, hence shutting down the testicles temporarily. Prohormones increased the androgens to a level far exceeding normal levels during supplementation, which causes the testicles to shut down and shrink. Think of it as the same as a muscle losing its “pump” after exercising. The testicles only shrink an average of %20. This shrinking effect is where the common myth that your penis shrinks originated from, which is untrue, it does not affect the penis in any way.

How to avoid the temporary side effects of Andro prohormones?

Andro should be cycled for no longer than 4 weeks to avoid liver stress with at least the same amount off for your body to recover its natural balance. To reduce excess estrogen in the body athletes take anti-estrogens such as ATD’s which also help the recovery of normal test production. SERMs such as Nolvadex are also taken to decrease estrogen in the pituitary gland. Lastly to increase natural testosterone production, there are a few supplements which can help speed up your testicular engine. These supplements increase the enzyme activity in the testicles. Forskolin, Ginger Root, and D-Aspartic Acid are the three best testosterone boosters for post cycle. Forskolin increases cAMP, making your testosterone production more efficient. D-Aspartic Acid and Ginger Root, increase StAR synthesis, a testicular enzyme used to create more androgens. Along with increased pituitary signals from anti-estrogens, stacking all three of these will help aid testicular efficiency in restoring natural testosterone production.

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