SesaThin and Androgens by Caleb Stone - Mind And Muscle

strong buff guy curling a recurve barI am going to start doing a series of mini-articles, looking at the usage of various Avant Labs products for a variety of specific goals. This is the first of these. As with my full SesaThin™ article this month, I did not get this finished in time, so this is just a teaser. IOW, they will not be THIS “mini”. They will be more like 5 or so pages vs. the one page that this is. I hope to have the full article by Monday, November 1st.

While androgens are the unquestioned king for building muscle mass and strength, they do have their downsides. We will not get into the HPTA, legality, morality, etc. here today. Instead we will focus on visceral adipose tissue (‘roid gut), lipid profiles, heart disease and liver toxicity — and why SesaThin™ should be a staple of any androgen cycle (particularly with methylated androgens, which are far worse than non-methylated androgens). This situation is even worse if the androgen is non-aromatizing, as estrogen exerts a protective effect on blood lipid profiles.

It is well established in the literature and the real world, that heart disease and abdominal fat accumulation occurs far more often in males than in females. The reason for this is testosterone. And, of course, synthetic androgens are structurally similar and share the same pathways.

Testosterone does its damage in several ways — by increasing angiotensin II and beta receptor density, as well as by decreasing 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity. All of these act in concert to increase activity of cortisol and the stress axis. And, the stress axis is intimately linked with visceral adipose tissue accumulation, elevated blood lipids, oxidative stress/inflammation and heart disease.

SesaThin™ was tailor made by nature to protect against these pathologies. First and foremost, it decreases triglyceride (TG) formation and increases TG uptake and fatty acid oxidation, while decreasing cholesterol levels. It also just happens to be a potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory (as well as inhibiting metabolism of the anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory, vitamin E)

In addition to these health benefits, prevention of VAT accumlation will keep your belly from sticking out past you massive chest like a Mr. Olympia contestant, thus it should be most welcomed by the aesthetically cognizant steroid user as well.

As for the liver, SesaThin has also been found to be protective against liver damage, likely due to its anti-oxidant activity and inhibition of lipid accumulation.

So, for your next cycle, do not forget the SesaThin™

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