Sesamin: Anti-Oxidant Effects

muscled guy doing military pressSesamin is usually used to aid fat loss, but it may also have other additional benefits. Sesamin may favorably affect cholesterol levels, promote blemish free skin, and have anti-oxidant effects. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that sesamin supplementation may reduce the oxidative damage typically associated with exercise.

The study was performed on 32 male mice. The mice were dicided into 4 groups. One group consumed 10 mg/kg body weight of sesamin, one group consumed 100 mg/kg body weight of sesamin, one group consumed 100 mg/kg body weight vitamin E, and on group consumed a control sample containing no active ingredient. Shortly after administration of the dose the mice were forced to swim for 30 min. As expected, the mice in the control group showed an increase in plasma lipid peroxides. The group that consumed vitamin E also showed increased plasma lipid peroxides. Interestingly though, this effect was not seen in the two groups that consumed sesamin. The groups consuming sesamin also showed an increase in the activity of glutathione peroxidase and glutathione s-transferase in the liver, showing increased anti-oxidant activity in those rats.

The data seen here not only demonstrates the protective effect of sesamin against the oxidative damage associated with exercise, but it also suggests a mechanism for this protective effect. The anti-oxidant effects of sesamin seen in the rats would likely carry over to human use, but only an actual human study could confirm this. The potential anti-oxidant effects of sesamin probably would not be anyones sole reason for taking it as a supplement, but it is certainly a nice benefit of its use.



Ikeda T, Nishijima Y, Shibata H, Kiso Y, Ohnuki K, Fushiki T, & Moritani T. (2003). Protective effect of sesamin administration on exercise-induced lipid peroxidation. International Journal of Sports Medicine. 24(7), 530-4.

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