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Woman Weight LifterSesamin is a lignan extracted from sesame seed oil. Sesamin is marketed as a fat loss aid which works by agonizing PPAR-alpha receptors, which are involved in the regulation of the uptake and oxidation of fatty acids. Sesamin has been claimed to encourage fat loss on a calorie deficit and prevent fat gain on a calorie surplus.

Research is not conclusive on the effectiveness of sesamin as a fat loss aid, but it has been shown to have other benefits. Sesamin has been shown to improve lipid profiles by reducing the absorption and synthesis of cholesterol, support liver health, reduce blood pressure, and act as a anti-oxidant which prevents exercise-induced oxidative damage. Unfortunately, sesamin has also been found to convert to enterolactone, which has some estrogenic effects. This makes it of possible benefit to post-menopausal women, but it may have negative effects in terms of building and maintaining muscle.

Anecdotally, some users of sesamin have found that they experience some estrogenic effects, especially at high doses. Some have reported that when utilizing sesamin to prevent body fat gain buring a bulking phase, it is more difficult to gain muscle than when they did not use sesamin. Still, some people are still fans of sesamin and feel that it assists them in losing fat and preventing fat gain.


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