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Everyone takes “testosterone boosters” like Rise and Swell (shameless plug) but they often have no idea of the “plumbing” that goes along with actually increasing testosterone. Let’s take a walk from the pituitary gland down to your nutsack and see what is exactly going on:

Envonmental chemicals like Atrazine have been shown to desensitize Leydig cells, and thus you should be taking something to counter that effect if you want increased optimal testosterone levels.

The Hormones First

The leydig cells are the first receptor hit when you want o boost testosterone. Lutenizing Hormone (LH) and Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) are released by the pituitary to travel via the blood down to the testicles. The cells in the testicles that take the “signal” from LH and FSH to produce more testosterone and other androgens are the “leydig Cells”

These cells produce the first signal for the testicles to produce more testosterone. Sadly, not much is known about sensitizing these cells to LH (their primary mechanism of stimulation to make androgens) but there is one really good supplement that is cheap for upregulating leydig Cell sensitivity.

The Three Herbs

The first herb is a powerhouse of anti-aging and overall health. This amazing herb is astragalus membranaceus which is a well used herbal ingredient that has been shown to increase growth hormone along with sensitizing the leydig cells to LH stimulation. It’s very inexpensive and can be found on Amazon here:

According to a study done by Xiaolong: “Results supported a beneficial effect of AM on multiple aspects of rat Leydig cell function in vitro including testosterone production.” Which means it is one of the only herbs you can stack with your testosterone boosters (D-Aspartate, Lactate, Eurycomia etc…) to actually increase this aspect of testicular function.

Second, we have Heteropterys aphrodisiaca which is almost impossible to find except in a tendon repair formula. Amazon didn’t even have anything on this herbal ingredient, but it may also sensitize the leydig Cells to LH.

Finally, an unknown herb called Heshouwuyin may also sensitize the Leydig cells, but it may also work in another mechanism, by reducing cellular death of these cells. It is also unable to be found even on Amazon.

Don’t Throw Out That Tribulus Terrestris Just Yet

The herb Tribulus Terrestris has been shown to increase sex drive and anecdotally it’s been shown to increase the amount of sperm in each load. More sperm means more fluid and larger loads for your to gloat about.

Tribulus has been shown to stimulate the tubules next to the Leydig Cells, that produce and impact sperm count. It’s also been shown to increase mounting frequency which translates to sex drive.

Thus if you want to boost testosterone to the highest levels, you should look at Tribulus once again and keep it on hand just in case you get a girlfriend. Anxiety and stress have been shown to lower sex drive along with a host of other factors.


If you want the most scientifically advanced way to boost testosterone, check out Rise and Swell from Liquid Labs. This super supplement promotes testosterone production on 5 key pathways. Other testosterone boosting agents promote only one pathway!

Stacking two potent preworkouts is essential to my day. I use Wyked from Liquid Labs to boost IGF-1 levels along with creatine levels. Stack it with Mesomorph from APS nutrition. Wyked has caffeine and Yohimbine, while Mesomorph has evreything else stimulant based. Take Wyked 40 minutes prior to working out and Mesomorph immediately before you train. You’ll get a whopping 7g of mixed creatine along with beta alanine right when you need it most (prevents the itching if you exercise immediately after taking Mesomorph).

You can get the stack at an impressive 20% off if you use the code “PWSTACK20”

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