Sarm Supplements

Sarm Supplements: Illegal

Make no mistake, there are more than a few legitimate supplement companies who are doing a disservice to the entire supplement industry. They are selling SARM’s under the false pretense that they are legitimate nutritional supplements. They are not supplements, they are drugs that are in varying degree’s of clinical trials. They are operating in a very gray area. This is creating bad karma for the entire industry. The last thing we need in this industry is to rile up the FDA and the DEA. These agencies tend to get overzealous when riled up. The problem is that by constantly flouting new legislation, you start to irk these people. Then they hand down some all encompassing legislation that will put a serious cramp in operations for all companies, nit just the offenders. Trying to make a quick buck at the expense of your future is absolutely ignorant, yet some will do anything for a buck!


Sarm Supplements: Why Are They Illegal?

First, you may ask, what is a SARM anyhow? The are non-steroidal compounds yet they still activate the androgen receptors. This makes them very unique in that they are not based on cholesterol backbone like testosterone or progesterone. The whole goal is to develop a compound that avoids being processed by 5 alpha reductase and aromatase enzymes, as these are generally what give the steroid side effects everyone wants to avoid. Big Pharma is developing these compounds in the hope of making a new drug. That means there are patents and other legalities that need to be considered. When you line up SARMS up with the DASCA legislation, it seems at first glance to pass the test. The loophole being used is that DASCA bans all compounds steroidal in nature. SARMS are anabolic, yet they aren’t steroidal in nature. All steroid compound have 4 rings, SARMS do not share this characteristic. In a best case scenario, SARMS would be considered research chemicals, not illegal because they don’t require a prescription and they are not scheduled. One things they are not is a nutritional supplement. They clearly fall short of the standard set forth by DSHEA legislation regarding what “a nutritional supplement” is.

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Sarm Supplements: What’s Next?

What will happen next is the million dollar question. If companies keep selling these “drugs” under the pretense of them being supplements, I would bet my last dollar that this will end ugly for the supplement industry. We will all be forced to deal with draconian laws that will again shrink the pool of supplements we can sell and use for our own consumption. So what is the answer? Leave selling these to the underground research chemical sites that are just a google search away. There is enough money to be made selling legal supplements. Step up your product line, get better research teams to come up with novel and innovative products. Trying to make a fast buck on SARMS will only cause a huge backlash on our entire industry. The last thing we need is more heavy handed legislation handed down from pencil pushing politicians that take away our rights to run legitimate business and to take cutting edge supplements that stay on the right side of the law. If you are looking for the strongest legal muscle building products, look at Mind and Muscle store and order up the Liquid Labs brand of prohormones. We carry the Basic Mass Stack, the Basic Cut Stack. as well as the Advanced Mass Stack as well as the Advanced Cut Stack. Order yours today and get the gains you have dreamed of without the legal hassles associated with illegal

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