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The positive effects of anabolic steroids and prohormones are obviously muscle mass, strength and sex drive.  Many people want to try prohormones but are afraid. Everyone is interested in prohormones and anabolic steroids, but they worry about the side effects and the long term effects.  So, what is the “safest prohormone”?  Luckily there are some really safe prohormones on the market that can still yield good gains without causing horrible side effects. Many people can take even the strongest prohormones and suffer zero side effects, but for those that want to be ultra careful there are still a handful that seem to support higher androgen levels yet don’t suffer from these side effects.


There are some side effects that everyone worries about in relation to prohormones and oral anabolic steroids.  Here I am hoping to dispel some of the myth and give people a chance to understand the true dangers of prohormones without the scare tactics. If you are worried about finding the safest prohormone, it’s a balance of strength (1-Andro) with side effects (19NorAndro).  Here is a list of the common side effects with steroid and prohormone use and how seriously one should take them:

  • Liver Stress – oral anabolic steroids and some prohormones like 1-Androsterone (1-DHEA) can cause some liver stress.  Some oral steroids like Superdrol (Methasteron) are highly liver toxic while others like Anavar (oxyandrolone) seem to have no liver stressing qualities. This shows that even compounds that are similar can have vastly different liver toxicity.  In order of their liver stressing effects, here is a list of the prohormones on the market.  1-Andro – can be fairly liver stressing, especially when combined with drinking or drugs such as Tylenol (R).  Of all the prohormones, this is the only one that seems to have this effect, mainly due to the 1 double bond which resists liver deactivation.  The others (4-Andro, 19Nor-Andro, Epiandrosterone, 5-DHEA, 6-Keto-Progesterone, 5aOHP, 1,4-OHP and Arimistane) seem to be liver friendly.  1-Andro is the most potent and this is probably one of the reasons, since more of it gets in your bloodstream.
  • Hairloss / Prostate – oral anabolics that are close to DHT can cause hairloss in some people. Additionally, anything that converts into estrogen can accelerate hair loss in some men. Much of this effect is caused by genetics but it’s good to know your options.  The only prohormone that seems to cause hair loss is 4-Andro since it can readily convert into estrogen. If the estrogen conversion is blocked it will probably lessen this effect.  Even Epiandro, which converts directly into DHT doesn’t seem to cause hair loss in most.
  • Prostate Issues – the dryer the compound combined with estrogen conversion prohormones can cause issues with prostate aggravation. Similar to hair loss, it seems to be a combination of estrogen and DHT that is causing this situation.  It’s best to avoid all “wet” hormones if you are concerned with hairloss (especially 4-DHEA).
  • Acne – all androgens can increase the production of oil on the skin and additionally certain anabolics like oxandrolone (Anavar) can cause acne cysts since it increases the production of skin cells, which can turn a natural pimple into a acne cyst.
  • Aggression – some prohormones can make you angry, while others seem to have the opposite effect.  Anything that is converting to DHT will likely make you irritable while things like 19-NorAndro may actually reduce anger and aggression in some people.  Moodiness seems to be caused by both androgens and estrogens in combination, so again I would limit the amount of 4-DHEA you take on cycle.
  • Cardiovascular health – some prohormones can alter cholesterol levels and some steroids can even damage the arteries. Typically dry compounds like 1-Andro may alter cholesterol levels while the steroid nandrolone (Deca) seems to actually cause arterial damage in some people.  Most of the other prohormones seem mild on the circulatory system and the ones that can convert into estrogen seem to be immune from this effect since estrogen regulates blood pressure and arterial function.
  • Gynocomastia – this is a very rare condition and doesn’t seem to happen with natural prohormones.  Illegal steroids on the other hand can cause massive gyno issues, so be careful if you use oral steroids and injectable steroids that convert into DHT.  4-Andro does convert into estrogen, so it would be best to avoid this if you want to reduce any chance of gynocomastia.


  • Liver Stress – we feel that N-Acetyl-Cystine dosed at 600mg per day would be a great way to reduce liver stress.  NAC is very good for the body and will also help prevent liver stress by adding in much needed anti-oxidants.
  • Hairloss – if you are worried about your hair, it’s best to take Saw Palmetto at a dose of 1200mg per day.  This can reduce DHT and also seems to work independently of this pathway.
  • Prostate – similar to hair loss, the prostate is DHT and estrogen dependent. Saw Palmetto plus Indole-3-Carbinol will reduce estrogen and block DHT. Take 1200mg of Saw Palmetto and 100mg of I3C per day.
  • Acne – using a good quality soap and perhaps some baking soda to scrub should help reduce the chances of getting acne from steroids or prohormones. Keep clean and try not to touch your face.
  • Aggression – using meditation techniques or other strategies like counting to 20 before you respond to a crisis can help with increased aggression.
  • Cardiovascular – taking a good Krill Oil supplement will help to lessen any cardiovascular side effects from prohormones or steroids. Krill oil contains astaxanthin and EPA/DHA along with phospholipids which can improve the condition of the heart and circulatory system. Additionally, its good to take a natural vitamin E product (not synthetic DL-alpha-tocopherol) along with a multi-vitamin for complete health.
  • Gynocomastia – the best supplement for reducing gynocomastia symptoms is an anti-estrogen that contains I3C along with Chrysin to help reduce estrogenic effects. These supplements reduce estrogen and inhibit the conversion of androgens to estrogens which will go a long way in reducing the chance for bitch tits.


When used safely, prohormones can really add to your diet and exercise program by giving you a much needed boost in androgens to help your body work at its peak. This article should not be considered medical advice. Feel free to email us with any questions or hit the chat button on the site.  The safest prohormone is one that is tailored to your individual needs along with your concerns.


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