Rise and Swell

Rise and Swell

There is one thing that many people get confused about with supplements: when to take them.I designed products not based on what they do, but that these ingredients all work together to get you the best results when you lift or do cardio. Many supplements have to be taken first thing in the AM on an empty stomach.

Rise and Swell

Rise and Swell is the Mind and Muscle product that I designed to be taken first thing in the morning. This is the second most important time to get your supplements in. Rise and Swell is made with everything I think is important right when you wake up.


What Does It Do?

Rise and Swell will boost natural testosterone 1 indirect  and 2 different direct ways.

1) It will amplify the pump effect from your Wyked 2.1 Pre Workout.
2) It will give you more NO production all day for an all day pump.

It will also burn fat through 3 different mechanisms and It will boost natural Growth Hormone release.
Rise and Swell will help you burn fat from the second you wake up until you take your Wyked 2.1 which carries the fat burning torch.

It will also increase sex drive and sexual performance.


How Do I Use Rise and Swell?

Take Rise and Swell first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with your T2. This is the only time of day you would benefit from taking it. Ideally between 7 and 9 am, but if you wake up later, or earlier, then whenever you wake up is the very best time. Use it 5 days on 2 days off. Thus I take mine on Monday through Friday, then don’t take it Saturday or Sunday.


How Does Rise and Swell Boost Testosterone?

D-Aspartic Acid binds to the hypothalamus and the testes. This both directly and indirectly signals the testes to make more testosterone. Vitamin D transports the cholesterol from your blood to the testes to be converted into testosterone. Additionaly the L-Carnitine increases the amount of androgen receptors. this means we increase both the number of keys your body makes AND locks so your unlocking your maximum potential at a synergistically increased rate.


How Does Rise and Swell Boost Growth Hormone?

The Kudzu binds to the ghrelin receptor on the pituitary in a fashion similar to GHRP-6 or GHenerate. This causes the pituitary to produce and release Growth Hormone.


How Does Rise and Swell Give You A Pump?

The Agmatine Sulfate in Rise and Swell increases Nitric Oxide synthase in the endothelial cells which line your capillaries. Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) generates Nitric Oxide (NO) from the arginine and citrulline malate found in Wyked 2.1. NO is a popular pump agent because it dilates the capillaries and allows muscles (and the penis) to swell with blood.


How Does Rise and Swell Burn Fat?

First thing in the morning your cortisol levels are at their highest due to your fast over the night. This hormone, cortisol, eats both fat and muscle. Rise and Swell releases Growth Hormone which does 2 very important things: it blocks cortisol’s effect at burning muscle and amplifies cortisol’s fat burning effect. In other words it makes cortisol only use fat for fuel not fat and muscle.
Yohimbine was added to Rise and Swell for 2 reasons, one of which is it causes the cortisol to target the stubborn fat around a man’s midsection.

I added L-carnitine to transport the fat from the blood which was liberated by the Yohimbine + Cortisol + GH to the mitochondria for energy. This will give you a caffeine free energy source in the morning which is perfect before morning cardio to maximize fat burning from morning fasted cardio.
If you’re like me you will mix the Rise in Swell in your morning coffee or Wyked 2.1 so you can control exactly how much caffeine you get before your morning cardio.


How does Rise and Swell Impact Sexual Performance?

Remember Yohimbine? How I said I put it in for 2 reasons? Well, the other reason I included Yohimbine in Rise and swell is It increases sexual arousal, sensitivity, and force of ejaculation and magnitude of orgasm. Basically it slightly improves sex in 4 different ways which adds up to a dramatic effect. ESPECIALLY when Its coupled with DAA. The DAA turns up your sex drive to pathologic levels because it boosts testosterone naturally and for some reason natural test has the best effect on your sex drive.
Remember the Agmatine Sulfate? remember how it boosts NO? NO production is what determines how large and how hard your erections are. Viagra works by indirectly increasing NO concentration in your penis. Thus Agmatine Sulfate works on the same pathway as Viagra for giving you the best erections your genes will allow. Between these 4 effects; heightened sex drive, increased performance, Increased blood flow to the penis, and increased fat burning one can make morning cardio a very exciting event for you and your cardio partner.


Why NOT TO Take Rise and Swell?

If you’re a woman the testosterone boosting effects may not be a good idea. I only advise this for men. But if a woman was to take it they would see all the benefits and of course the testosterone would cause muscle growth and fat loss but possibly change a woman slowly into a man. I’ve never seen any women get any negative effects from DAA because how it boosts natural test all it should do in a woman is boost their estrogen, but since it is a TESTOSTERONE booster I don’t officially advise it for women. Its milder than Var or Deca so if you are a woman and have used those without masculinizing effects you should be fine.
“But I don’t have a penis!” well you actually do have the exact same erectile tissue in your vagina, so this will just increase sensitivity in the vaginal walls and clitoris thanks to the Agmatine Sulfate and yohimbine respectively.

Get your Rise and Swell Here!!!

Rise and Swell



Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside. The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only. All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise. Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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