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D-Aspartic Acid was once the hottest supplement on the market. It’s a natural amino acid that was shown in some studies to boost testosterone and recover testicular activity due to the increase of steroidagensis.

For at least a year D-Aspartic Acid was the darling ingredient of the industry until it was studied in 2013 by Wiloughby who concluded “Therefore, at the dose provided, D-ASP supplementation is ineffective in up-regulating the activity of the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis and has no anabolic or ergogenic effects in skeletal muscle”

Then again it was studied by Melville who had this to report “The present study demonstrated that a daily dose of six grams of d-aspartic acid decreased levels of total testosterone and free testosterone (D6), without any concurrent change in other hormones measured. Three grams of d-aspartic acid had no significant effect on either testosterone markers. It is currently unknown what effect this reduction in testosterone will have on strength and hypertrophy gains.”

In this study D-Aspartic Acid not only had zero effect, at higher doses it lead to a decrease in testosterone levels. That wasn’t good news for those people selling DAA and banking on it for their PCT.



D-Aspartic Acid” comes in two different forms which is the subject of this article and I hope to explain why D-Aspartic Acid is not D-Aspartate and vice versa. D-Aspartate was the form studied in most of the articles that showed it to have activity in the testes of animals, but sadly most of the authors used the acid name opposed to the Aspartate name in their abstracts, which caused much confusion.

It is further theorized and seconded by many in the industry that by using the right form of DAA the Sodium or Calcium Daspartate form may indeed have the benefits that we are seeking from this signaling molecule. When studied in animal testicular tissue, D-Aspartate shows a clear activity which may translate into the full effect when supplemented.

Understand this is only a theory at this point, but the studies are clearly showing activity of D-Aspartate in the testes and not D-Aspartic Acid which would make sense to why when this amino acid is relevant and also why the acid form is ineffective.

In his study Rauccii found: “Conclusively, our findings demonstrated that d-Asp is a local messenger in testis and give a contribution in understanding the complexity of local endocrine regulation as well as the molecular events leading the acquisition to a steroidogenic competence by ILCs.” This study among many of this sort use the aspartate form and not the acid form, which yielded health benefits.

This shows clearly that studies must be fully read and understood prior to a product being released. Many people used DAA supplements without any effect when it’s possible that the right form may have made a difference in sperm count and testosterone release. It will be interesting to see if the proper form, D-Aspartate has the same benefits shown in the animal tissue studies, my guess is that it will. I hope we will soon see some studies done on the “right” form of DAA to restore faith in this supplement.

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