Brown Rice vs. White Rice - Mind And Muscle

To everyone on the “bro diet”…

Do I eat brown or white rice? Is brown rice really healthier? This was one of the questions I asked myself I did some research on it.

The difference between white rice and brown rice is the way it is milled. rice-insideSource:

When milling, brown rice only loses the non-edible top hull. In comparison, when we mill white rice everything is removed. The hull, awn, bran and berm are all gone, leaving behind the endosperm. The white part.

So, what’s “better”?

If we compare 1 cup cooked brown rice and 1 cup cooked white rice…

  • Brown rice has 43 more calories per cup than white rice
  • 7g more carbohydrates than white rice
  • Brown rice has more micronutrients: Magnesium (79mg vs 19mg), more phosphorus (208mg vs 68gm), and more potassium (174mg vs 55). It also has a lot of manganese, selenium, and copper.
  • Brown rice has a lower glycemic index which means it is broken down into energy slower than white rice and therefore causes a slower response of insulin (“the sugar spike”)

Okay, so you look at it, brown has more carbs, more calories but is higher in micronutrients and has a lower glycemic index.

It’s a tie. Depending on what your current goal is you may as well rely on your taste buds and let them make the decision.


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