Raise Boldenone and Boldione With Two Prohormones - Mind And Muscle

To the left is 1,4 OHP and the right is 1,4 DHEA

To the left is 1,4 OHP and the right is 1,4 DHEA

Many people want to raise the natural hormone BOLDENONE in their bodies.  While it isn’t found at super high levels in normal adults, those men who eat a diet high in sterols and phytonutrients can achieve a very high level of Boldenone and it’s metabolites.  Using two ingredients found in two prohormone products, we can raise these hormones naturally to levels that are optimal for men wishing to get the most out of every workout.


Boldenone is a mild steroid that is better known for increasing appetite and also increasing joint mobility.  Since it’s introduction in the 70’s boldenone has not been well studied, so most of the effects are anecdotal, meaning “bro-lore”.  Luckily, we have a pretty long history on this steroid so it’s easy to understand what may happen when we use prohormones to boost this natural steroid hormone.

Appetite is stimulated both in the stomach and in the brain. The structure of boldenone and it’s metabolites seem to indicate that fermentation of sterols in plants form this in the gut and then signal the body that it’s time to eat.  This is one likely pathway to this effect.

Joint mobility is more difficult to pinpoint, since there is no real methodology for increasing joint fluid or decreasing inflamation other that boldenone’s similarity to prednisone with it’s 1,4 diene structure.  It is possible that these also can convert into a prednisone analog in the body since hormones go through tens if not hundreds of conversions.


The first prohormone to boldenone is 1,4 DHEA which is a DHEA isomer that converts into 1,4-androstadienedione and 1,4-androstadiendiol in the body and on to boldenone.  This is how this natural hormone is both converted and created by natural boldione levels due to fermentation. 1,4-DHEA seems to lack any activity on its own but does allow for relatively high conversion that we theorize is close to 30% when taken orally.  1,4-DHEA is found in the Boldione product from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

The second prohormone found is 1,4-OHP which is a steroid hormone that uses the CYP 17a1 to convert to boldione and ultimately to boldenone.  Due to it’s close relationship with Prednisone, pBOLD (1,4-OHP) may further reduce inflammation on it’s own which further can benefit the bodybuilder.

Both products are medium builders and won’t pack huge size on you but they will certainly have very few side effects and are two of the safest prohormones on the market for hair loss, prostate issues and also estrogenic effects since both products seem to have a slower conversion to estrogen because of the 1-ene double bond.

Boldenone is available on the black market but there are many fakes out there on this steroid.  The raw material costs are rather high compared to testosteorne so many of the products on the black market would be simply low dosed testosterone which will have little to no activity.  Users should realize that Boldenone and it’s prohormones can be used safely by men over 21 and represent one of the more mild steroids on the market.

Users should take 225mg of 1,4-DHEA and 200mg of 1,4-OHP to get the best results.  Unlike illegal steroids these products are tested and available by Hi-Tech and can make for a very potent stack especially with 1-Testosterone.

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