Protein: Weight Gainer Shakes! Mind And Muscle

muscled guy infront of benchProtein Weight gainer shakes are high calorie shakes that are used to help increase calorie intake. Weight gainer shakes typically come in powder form, and may be mixed into water or milk for a source of liquid calories.Weight gainer shakes typically have 400-900 calories per serving and about 30-60 grams of protein per serving. Most weight gainer shakes are low fat, so the remaining calories will typically come from carbohydrates.

Many people that want to build muscle have trouble eating enough calories to gain weight. Having a weight gainer shake is a quick, easy way to get in extra calories. Weight gainer shakes are usually taken one or more times per day between solid food meals or after a workout. These liquid calories are less filling than a solid food meal, so the user should be able to comsume more total calories for the day. Some people who eat high calorie diets will also use weight gainers as a meal replacement for times when eating a solid meal is not convenient.

Weight gainer shakes are convenient, and most appear to have a decent nutritional profile with protein coming from quality sources such as whey, and with most being low in fat and sugar. Some weight gainer shakes will even have added vitamins and minerals. The big problem with most weight gainer shakes is that the carbohydrates will come almost purely from maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is a starch that is technically a “complex” carbohydrate, but which causes a blood sugar spike and fall similar to that of sugar. Maltodextrin, although not appearing as sugar on the nutrition label, can be considered a sugar in terms of its actual effects on the body. This should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to use a weight gainer shake. Maltodextrin is typically well tolerated in people that do not put on fat or weight easily, and many “hardgainers” do find weight gainer shakes to be a big help in finally getting the scale to budge.

So what’s the bottom line? Weight gainer shakes are high calorie shakes that will help the user to add calories to their diet. If possible, it would be better to get these calories from food, but that is not always possible or practical. If you are struggling with getting in enough calories to finally put on weight, using one of the many weight gainer shakes available on the market today may be able to help!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cassie is a chemistry major and national level bodybuilder. Questions or comments? Talk to Cassie on the FORUM or on FACEBOOK.

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