Prohormones vs Steroids


Prohormones Vs steroids are very poorly understood and portrayed in the media.  I am here to clear up the confusion for you.

What Are They

Steroids are any hormone with a cholesterol backbone. The adrenal glands and the gonads (either the testes in men or the ovaries in women) are the organs which make steroids from cholesterol. Most people think of performance enhancing drugs when they hear the term steroids, but not all steroids are performance enhancing. Estrogen for instance is a steroid, so theoretically speaking, every woman who takes birth control is “on steroids”. Prohormones are supplements which are inactive until the liver converts them into active hormones. They may or may not have a cholesterol backbone so they may convert into a type of steroid or they may convert into something entirely different. The term prohormone does not mean Pro-steroid.

Benefits of Steroids

There are many different types of steroids, but the ones that have performance enhancing ability are usually testosterone, a derivative, or a synthetic version of testosterone.  So for the sake of comparing prohormones and steroids we will narrow the discussion to just those with performance enhancing effects, often referred to as Androgenic and Anabolic Steroids or AAS. AAS can increase muscle size and strength in a number of different ways. The cells have a receptor and when bound, the hormone-receptor complex migrate to the nucleus of muscle cells and initiate the process of the cell building new protein and muscle fibers by activating the DNA.  It also causes other mechanisms to activate. This include IGF-1 and Satellite cell migration to cause not only the muscles to get stronger, denser, and larger, but to split and divide to make new cells. Most science text books and other doctors believe this to be impossible. But it is.

Draw Backs of Steroids

AAS have a number of health problems. Some can be mitigated or reduced by additional drugs like anti-estrogens and 5-alpha- reductase inhibitors but here is a list of what one can look forward to:

Decreased testicle size


Nonfunctional heart enlargement

Increased blood pressure

Kidney damage and dialysis

Liver disease

Liver enlargement

Organ enlargement

Hair loss




Severely increased libido

Breast enlargement (gynocomastia)

Painful nipples

AAS are home made, and injected… do you want to inject something a gym rat made in his kitchen?  The worst part is once you start injecting AAS, there is a good chance you will have to use AAS for the rest of your life.  Your testes may, and most likely will, stop producing testosterone when you use AAS for an extended period of time.  This may result in you losing all the muscle you gained, and your wife or girlfriend if you no longer can maintain an erection.  There are many many more side effects but these are enough aren’t they?  And of course they are very very illegal, more so than any other prescription drug of abuse. 

Benefits of Prohormones

Prohormones are oral or sub-lingual supplements that when taken convert to an active hormone. This hormone will bind to muscle and the result will be similar to those of AAS if they bind to the testosterone receptor. Some prohormones may be non-steroidal but bind to the androgen receptor just like testosterone does. This means while not a steroid, it gives you the same benefit assuming it binds to the receptor well.  They are made in a laboratory and regulated by the FDA.  Best part is, they are legal and available!

Draw Backs of Prohomones

As with anything, to much of a good thing can be bad.  Lets look at water, delicious and necessary for all life on earth but too much is called drowning. Any supplement can be bad if way too much is taken, AKA abused.  When prohormones are taken as recommended they are safe, or the FDA wouldn’t allow you to buy them at the store or off of this website. Just to make sure, I have ran human trials and found the products by AMS to be safe. I don’t know the exact compounds, because it was a double blind prospective human trial: the highest level of human study. 

And the winner is…

So if you want a safe alternative to androgenic and anabolic steroids with no proven side effects when taken as directed, then pro hormones are for you if your a man over 21 with none of the excluding conditions on the product label.



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