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Prohormones: The One(TM)

The One is a newer product that acts as a prohormone to methyl DHT, also known as mestanolone. Much that is said about mestanolne would apply to The One. Mestanolone is the C-17 alpha alkylated version of DHT. This, of course, makes it orally bioavailable. It also adds some progestational activity to the molecule1. Methyl DHT cannot convert to estrogen, but it does bind strongly to SHBG which can displace estrogen into circulation possibly resulting in estrogenic side effects. As stated, DHT is deactivated in skeletal muscle by 3-alpha hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase as will Mestanolone2. However, if large enough doses are taken, it is possible that this enzyme may be overwhelmed and mestanolone would therefore bind to the AR resulting in quite strong anabolism but it has not been determined scientifically if this is possible and what dose would achieve this effect. Some people have an abnormal attraction to DHT and methyl DHT. They reason that since DHT is a stronger androgen that it must be a better anabolic and they refuse to acknowledge that these steroids are deactivated in skeletal muscle. The reason is probably due to the strong effect that DHT has on the psyche of the user. DHT will increase aggression and can cause significant strength gains though nervous stimulation. Additionally, increased strength often does equate to mass gains even in the absence of an anabolic effect of this compound. Methandrostanolone and its derivatives seem to have a potent effect on the inhibition of 11-beta hydroxylase which results in water retention but since methylDHT does not convert to estrogen and likely inhibits aromatase and the endogenous production of estrogen there is no subcutaneous edema. This results in greater scale weight as well as contributes to strength gains. The down side is that 11-beta hydroxylase inhibition also results in sodium retention and high blood pressure which are not very good for the heart. The anabolic to androgenic ratio is further confirmation of the lack of anabolic effect of Mestanolone since the ratio is in favor of androgenic effects by two to one compared to anabolic effects. This steroid is capable of producing all of the negative side effects of androgens such as acne, mood swings, male pattern baldness, and hypertension.


1. Ojasoo T, Delettre J, Mornon JP, Turpin-VanDycke C, Raynaud JP: Towards the mapping of the progesterone and androgen receptors. J Steroid Biochem. 27(1-3):255-69, 1987

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