Prohormones - Steroids: The Difference - Mind And Muscle

Anabolic steroids are highly illegal in the U.S. and some companies have been selling steroids as supplements for years, so many consumers were unaware of the dangers and differences between prohormones and anabolic steroids.  As of late 2014, the laws have changed making most every true “steroid” on the market illegal and wiping clean everyone who has ever sold these ingredients as supplements.  It is illegal to order, carry, sell and use these anabolic steroids so anyone that is ordering them or selling them online risks some heavy penalties.


What people consider “steroids” are really a class of hormones known as “androgens” or “anabolic androgenic steroids” AAS.  These are hormones either natural or chemically altered that activate the androgen receptor and build muscle.

These steroids are commonly on the market and are either found in the body or chemically altered to make them more potent.  Some require injections and some are oral, which can stress the liver.  Here is a list of some of the common steroids on the Black Market and some that were sold as Grey Market supplements (Superdrol, Halodrol, Epistane).



Black market steroids such as testosterone and D-Bol come as either injectable or oral and you can see on the chart where we believe many of them fall in both potency and side effects.  While this is our opinion, it comes from years of anecdotal and scientific observation on steroids and their effects.  All steroids will have some side effects, but it simply depends on the risk vs. the reward on using them.  We suggest that no one use anabolic steroids because of their legality in the US and in other countries where they are not criminalized please do so under a doctor’s supervision.


Prohormones differ from anabolic steroids because they are not active on their own.  These steroids need to be converted by the body into active steroids to become useful and thus they are legal for people to use as supplements.  The two most well known steroids that are sold as supplements are DHEA (5-Andro) and Pregnenolone.  You can find these at CVS and Walgreens even though they are technically steroids. Other prohormones that are legal can be used to supplement the diet and optimize hormone levels to help assist you in your diet and exercise goals.  No steroids, legal or illegal will work for fitness goals unless there is proper diet and exercise along with them.  No product is a silver bullet for building mass!

Prohormones can be found at stores, the internet or at your local gym and they are superior to illegal anabolic steroids because they are made in a FDA certified facility and are usually free from contamination.  Illegal steroids are often “fake” and there are numerous stories of “bunk gear” in the gym and on the internet.  Which makes prohormones a very good deal in comparison to AAS.


There is a short lesson on the differences between steroids and prohormones and how they rank.   Remember that no prohormone or steroid is going to magically transform you into the perfect beast.  You need to have your diet in check, eat lots of protein and workout harder than ever to get it all firing perfectly.   If you are interested check out our basic mass stack or basic cut stack if you want to see the absolute best prohormone stacks on the planet!



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