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Body Builder PosingProhormones: Prostanozol  is a non-methylated oral steroid. It was first introduced to the supplement market by ALR Industries in 2005, and later sold as Gaspari Nutritions Orastan-E. Prostanozol is a derivative of Winstrol (Stanozol).

There is not a ton of information available on this compound because it appears to have never been investigated for medical use. It likely behaves similarly to Winstrol, although much less powerful. The exact anabolic and androgenic activity of Prostanozol is unknown, but it is likely to be fairly balanced. Prostanozol has no estrogenic activity, so side effects such as bloating and gynecomastia should not be too big of a concern. Other side effects associated with steroid use should be low as well due to the low strength of Prostanozol. One possible side effect of Prostanozol is lethargy due to low estrogen levels, because estrogen up-regulates brain serotonin levels.

Prostanozol is Winstrol with the methyl group removed and an ether group added. The methyl group on Winstrol is what makes the compound orally bioavailable by allowing it to survive the first pass through the liver, and it also increases the half-life of the compound in the body. Removal of the methyl group significantly decreases the bioavailability of Prostanozol. The ether group has been added in an attempt to increase fat solubility so that some of the compound may make it through the first pass through the liver along with dietary fats that the user has ingested. This is not incredibly effective, but it does still make a difference.

Due to the low bioavailability and half life of Prostanozol, it is not incredibly effective. A good starting dose to see gains from prostanozol is in the range of 100-200 mg/day, but the exact amount needed to make gains off of this compound is highly dependent on the individual user. Because of its extremely short half-life, one might try taking their Prostanozol all in one big dose preworkout in an effort to get blood concentrations up when it counts most.

Prostanozol is no longer available, but its disappearance from the supplement market has given rise to several clone products which work similarly. Unfortunately, there is currently not much out there for clones either. You can check out what prohormones are still available by following the link below.

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