Prohormones LG Sciences PH-17 Review, Profile, Side Effects

LG Sciences PH-17 Cutting ProhormoneWhy do I need a pro-hormone like LG Sciences PH-17?

Men are starting to see that diet and exercise isn’t enough to lose weight anymore. This primary cause of unwanted fat storage and decrease in energy is what many people are now calling “Andropause”. It is the slow reduction of testosterone in the male body from the result of aging and environmental estrogens. These exogenous estrogens enter the body through a number of ways, offsetting the balance of testosterone to estrogen. These exo-estrogens are found is food (preservatives, pesticides), BPA in plastic bottles & microwavable dinners, soap, lotion, cosmetics and other chemicals on a daily basis. Andropause can cause a lengthy list of medical problems including: depression, anxiety, irritability, infertility, lack of libido (sexual desire), erectile dysfunction, increased abdominal fat, glucose intolerance (cause of early diabetes), muscle atrophy and an overall reduced quality of life. With all of these common symptoms, why wouldn’t you want to replace your androgens levels and restore your youthfulness? PH-17 has the ability to shred off fat, build muscle, and fuel your body to be the man you were made to be!

Side Effects of PH-17

PH-17 side effects are very slight, and are insignificant when a proper diet is followed. Unlike 17amethyl steroids, PH-17 isn’t liver toxic. This allows for longer cycles at higher doses, without future liver problems. Side effects vary but may include: slight acne, moderate blood pressure elevation depending on diet, achy joints and slight hair loss. Hair loss is more dependent on genetics and results in a little more hair coming off on the hair brush, but the side effect is very slight and only temporary until the cycle is over. This is due to the increase in DHT from converted testosterone. A positive result of higher DHT levels is the increase of adrenalin and masculinizing affects in the body. In other words, harder erections, highly increased strength and a thicker beard are sure to come. It’s an easy tradeoff for a slight difference on the hairline. Taking a “wet” hormone such as 4-AD can help balance out any side effects and increase the muscle building capacity.

Muscle building effects of PH-17

PH-17 is very androgenic, meaning you aren’t going to see a huge increase in mass. Rather it provides an immediate leaning effect, but burning off fat and building hard muscle. This pro-hormone creates an incredible vascular look, which provide those hard erections and dilated blood veins. Many athletes choose to use this before competitions or before an occasion to have your shirt off. Often users, when provided adequate exercise and a proper diet, have a large reduction in body fat percentage with an average muscle gain of 8lbs. Strength gains will be highly noticeable, due to the increase of adrenalin, lifts will increase and workouts will intensify. Anyone looking for a ripped, contest ready body will enjoy running a cycle of PH-17

Testimonials/User Reviews of PH-17

Eric J. PH-17 Review

“When I tried my first cycle of PH-17 I couldn’t believe how quickly I was dropping fat each day. I had tried different fat burners, but I only felt overly stimulated by them and jittery- which didn’t do crap for me but make it hard to sleep at night. I felt a more natural energy and a greater motivation to work out on my cycle.”

As far as muscle, I gained 7lbs over 4 weeks of PH-17, and lost 17lbs! Needless to say, I look a lot and feel a lot better. I can finally see my abs now, before I could only feel them under a layer of fat on my stomach. My wife is impressed and has been commenting on how good I look, I think she enjoyed my pick up in libido during the cycle. I had to control my aggression on the road, but it certainly carried me through my routine. I felt like Arnold on bicep day, my pump was pretty sick; all of my veins were popping in my arms. I drank a lot of water, which seemed to help.

It goes without saying that I will be using this pro-hormone again, it was a fun cycle!”

Joseph R. PH-17 Review/Log

“PH-17 has definitely helped me on my cutting cycle. After my bulk cycle of 1-AD, 4-AD, and Decavol was over I had picked up a few pounds of fat from my high calorie diet. I was hoping that this would help me look tighter so I could see my gains better. I really got what I was looking for!”

Gains: I dropped from 13% body fat to 8.5% and gained 6lbs leaving me at 183lbs at the end of my cycle. I worked out 3- 4 days a week, depending on my schedule and kept my diet especially clean.

Side effects: I noticed a little hair coming out when I brushed my hair in the morning, so I switched to a shampoo to help with hair breakage and it seemed help during the second week. It wasn’t enough for any of my friends to notice, but it stopped after my cycle (could have been totally coincidence). I didn’t think it was a big deal really. Luckily I’ve got good genetics. Besides that, nothing seemed off.

I’d recommend this product to anyone looking for an awesome diet product and even to gain a few lean pounds. I loved it, and will keep using it. I’ve got another bulk cycle to do, but I’m sure to use this again when cutting season comes”


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