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What are Prohormones? 

Pro-hormones are substances that when taken as a supplement, will convert to some hormone in the body. The user then experiences the effects of the target hormone. In the case of pro-hormones that convert to testosterone, the user experiences increased muscle size and strength. Pro-hormones are popular because they not only provide muscle gains, but can also be purchased legally as a supplement.

The first prohormones introduced to the supplement market were androstenedione and androstenediol among others. These pro-hormones produced significant gains in size and strength, and became very popular relatively quickly. With the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004, however, androstenedione, androstenediol, and a host of other pro-hormones were banned from being sold as dietary supplements.

Today, not much is left on the market for pro-hormones. There are many supplements that are advertised as pro-hormones, but most of these supplements are actually fully active steroids, not pro-hormones. These steroids are not actually legal for sale as supplements, but are not listed specifically as a controlled substance. Because of this, They are able to be sold over the counter as “pro-hormones”.

This type of supplement is considered a “gray market” steroid. Just as fast as these gray market steroids are produced, they seem to be discovered and pulled from the market. Any company producing these steroids is certainly taking a legal risk. To make matters worse, many of these steroids are methylated. Methylation is a way to decrease breakdown of the steroid by the liver so that it may be taken orally, and while this is a good effect, it also puts significant stress on the liver.

There are still true pro-hormones available legally, but there are not many. The pro-hormones carried in the Mind and Muscle store will produce significant muscle gains, and they are all completely legal and non-methylated. Click here to view true pro-hormones that are available in the Mind and Muscle store.


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