Prohormones: HalotrenReview, Profile And Side Effects

Halotren Review: Halotren is a clone of Gaspari Halodrol 50. It contains two steroids that are oddly mixed together. The first is 4-chloro-androsta-1,4-diene 3,17 diol; it is a milder pro-steroid that is a precursor to the illegal Turinabol steroid. Being in the 4-chloro group, this mild muscle builder compound is used for building mass gains. The long half-life gives it its mass building effect. Although it provides fair gains, the side effects outweigh the amount muscle produced. Might I also mention that it is illegal, and is not recommended to use.

The second ingredient is 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one, a steroid little with information available. The manufacturer Max LG claims the compound is structurally related to the pill RU-486(Abortion Pill) and as such acts as an “anti-progesterone”. It supposedly decreases estrogen effects and increases libido, while building lean mass similar to nandrolone. Although, many report bulk gains but with the cost of bloat, aggravated gynocomastia, lower libido, and loss of gains.

The last ingredient is piperine, which is thought to aid in the absorption of the steroid.

Side Effects

Both main ingredients are mild but have side effects similar to 17aMethyl steroids. These side effects include altered cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and liver stress. With this in mind, taking any alcohol, drugs, or even Tylenol may cause serious issues to the liver and must be used with the same extreme caution of 17aMyethyl products.

Halotren doesn’t convert into estrogen or DHT; therefore taking an anti-estrogen is unnecessary. Hair loss in uncommon due to the non-production of DHT, but is possible. Some reports of gyno have been made from using this product, due to the 13-ethyl ingredient, but for most cases the 4-Chrolo stops testosterone from converting into DHT and estrogen.

Muscle Quality

The biggest reason to not use Halotren isn’t how mild the compound is, nor is it the risk of testing positive for steroids. The reason is that the hard earned gains do not increase the health of the muscle and are not kept after the cycle is over. Harsh steroid precursors such as Halotren produce gains between 12-18lbs in a 3 week cycle, but only 3-4lbs are kept. The side effects are certainly not worth the insignificant muscle gains kept at the end of the month and do not pay off for all of the hours put into the gym.

The ideal solution for building solid gains that are kept is supplementing natural hormones such as 3bhydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one. These compounds will produce 8-12lbs of muscle mass in a 30 day cycle. Unlike the 18lbs gained after 3 weeks, the 8-12lbs are kept once stopped. This compound also converts into testosterone.

Testosterone is the body’s natural master hormone for building muscle, unlike the synthetic steroids such as Halotren. Testosterone is well studied and you know what to expect when taking it. It doesn’t come with side effects such as altered cholesterol and is far better at producing muscle mass. Along with the fat loss abilities and solid muscle gains that supersede Halotren, you don’t have to worry about damaging your liver and looking like a “roid head” when you lose all of your muscle.

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