Prohormones for Stocky Guys

Which Body Type are you?

Using the right Prohormone for Stocky Guys will push you in the direction of the mesomorph, the masculine ideal

Previously I have covered How a Skinny Guy should eat, train, and what prohormones to take in the articles Prohormones for Skinny Guys, Mass Meals for Skinny Guys, and Mass Building for Skinny Guys. This is the first of three articles covering how the opposite, a Stocky Guy should go about getting leaner or gaining lean mass.

Body Types

Ok, Not everyone agrees that there are body types. I’ll tell you what I think I know and if you don’t like it….


EndoMorph – This is the shitty one. The characteristics are wide hips, wide clavicles, slow metabolism, short, with what I see as estrogen imbalance in men, and PCOS as a final product or diabetes in women. There are no advantages to this but the frame is perfect for heavy weight. This is the body type which is ideal for POWERLIFTING
MesoMorph – This is the great one. You should wish you die and come back as one of these, or a super hot chick’s sex toy. Big muscles, low bodyfat, masculine features, testosterone dominant and all the glorious advantages, medium height and hips. Structure is Aesthetic but durable. Either beautiful or rugged depending on a few other factors and how you eat and train. This is an attractive body type to women, and it elicits a involuntary sexual response in a lot of them. This body type is best for being a BODYBUILDER.
Anabolics and prohormones work in a nutshell by making you as mesomorphic as possible. Your bone structure is fixed but your metabolism and face aren’t.
EctoMorph – This is the pretty one. This body type is very attractive on women. Narrow hips, narrow clavicles, long limbs, long torsos, slight joints which hurt when heavy weight is used. I believe they have an issue secreting insulin and thats why they gain weight so slow and have such a fast metabolism. This is the Ideal Body type for MEN’s PHYSIQUE.
So the Idea is to be as close to the middle (meso) as possible, since that’s the balanced one.
Endo – High Test, High Estrogen, Insulin Secreting
Meso – High Test, Low Estrogen, Insulin Sensitive muscles
Ecto – Moderate Test, Low estrogen, minimal Insulin
The More testosterone the more muscular and masculine you will look. The more estrogen the fatter you get in theory, but estrogen also helps the muscle growth process. (click here for more on that).
The endomorph needs to reduce his estrogen and insulin if he wants to lose fat or even put on lean mass. The reason why the process is so hard is the endomorphs GI system is what develops first during embryogenesis. During the first couple weeks of pregnancy the cells of the dividing and replicating fertilized egg divide into 3 different layers, the ecto, endo, and meso layers. The meso develops first in a mesomorph, it is the one which generates the muscles and skeleton. The ecto layer develops first in the ectomorph, this is skin, hair, eyes, and nervous system. The endo layer, the one that develops first for the endomorph, is the Gastro Intestinal (GI) system. Since this is the dominant system it is very very good at getting the most out of what an endomorph eats. More nutrient absorption results in better storage and growth, because more of what an endomorph eats makes it to his blood, more insulin is released. As i mentioned in my Insulin Sensitivity article the higher the insulin the higher percentage of consumed calories get stored as fat. the higher the body fat the higher the insulin resistance of the muscles and the great the % of calories that go to fat in an ever increasing downward spiral. The second downward spiral is as fat levels rise more of the testosterone produced gets converted to estrogen and the higher the estrogen levels the more fat is stored. so its exponentially detrimental every 5 lbs of fat you gain, with both mechanisms it makes it a very steep slope indeed to ever increasing body fat.

To combat this one needs to eat very few carbohydrates and keep his metabolism up through proper diet and training which i will discuss in the other articles pertaining to Stocky Guys.

The Prohormones the stocky guy uses should be dry not wet to avoid the possibility of estrogen conversion.

The Stocky Guy is likely a Endomorph

The Stocky Guy is likely a Endomorph

Prohormones for Stocky Guys

Kind of how the Skinny Guys want to get big, and should use the classic mass building cycle, a Stocky Guy should want to minimize the amount of fat that he gains while lean mass building and has to use every trick under the sun to get the fat off while cutting. As I mentioned above they have the perfect hormones for growth, high testosterone, estrogen, and insulin. All three of these build muscle, but estrogen and insulin also build fat. Because they have high levels of all three gaining weight for them is super easy, but the weight will never be all muscle no fat and water without some hormone manipulation. Most of the principles that apply to a stocky guy or endomorph also apply to women, but of course women shouldn’t play around with male hormones.

Dry vs Wet

The skinny guy needs wet steroids to get his estrogen level to be slightly elevated, and lots of carbs to get his insulin up to grow. But the Stocky guy will likely need to use an Aromatase inhibitor for both lean mass building or fat burning.

1-Andro– The holy grail of prohormones. Converts to 1-testosterone and like Anavar or Primo all lean mass gains and no side effects on a build, and muscle preservation on a cut. It can’t convert to DHT or to Estrogen so aside from some potential for shutdown your not going to have side effects. In clinical studies performed as well as injectable testosterone for fat loss and muscle growth but again no potential for side effects as all side effects stem from estrogen or DHT conversion, which is impossible for this prohormone to undergo.

Epiandro – This converts to DHT. DHT will block the aromatase enzyme and bind to SHBG, both of these things reduce the estrogen levels after a couple weeks. additionally it binds to fat cells and burns fat directly. It increases strength and aggression to help you lift like a beast while low carb and it drives water and amino acids into the muscle cell to harden you and pump you up in the reduced glycogen environment.

17 ProAndro– This is another prohormone which converts to DHT but by a different enzyme, so each person may respond to either this or Epiandro better or worse and its ideal to try both and determine which one is best for you. If your not worried about hair loss use both at the same time for optimal results.

pBold– This is a precursor to Boldenone. Boldenone converts to estrogen minimally but also converts to 1-test similar to 1-Andro. It has an amazing benefit for your joints and tendons so if you’re lifting heavy like most Stocky Guys do, this is a great addition to any cycle.

Form XT– since endomorphs and stocky guys have a high conversion of testosterone to estrogen its ideal you both stop this conversion and block the estrogen receptors, Form XT does both of these. this is a milder answer to using letrozole or arimidex with tamoxifen for estrogen control, but could be added to either or both of those for great results

Rise and Swell – This is a natural test booster which is critical for preventing shutdown while using dry agents like Epiandro and 1-Andro, I would definitely use this with Form XT while running the rest of the cycle for optimal results.

T2– This is a critical element for any stocky guy or endomorph. It increases the metabolism of almost every cell in your body to burn fat all day for you and it converts red fiber to white fibers so you get bigger and stronger as your getting leaner!

I have 2 Kits which are perfect for the Endomorph and Stocky Guy, a beginner one the Wyked Cuts stack, and and the very advanced Mind and Muscle Competition Cutting Cycle. Although both are cutting stacks, if you’re on one in a calorie surplus you will gain lean mass and might lose fat at the same time.

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