Prohormones For Skinny Guys

No, this is not a pic of me

No, this is not a pic of me

“What would you know fatty!” True, I was never skinny. But I have coached an ass load of people who were.

Body Types

Ok, Not everyone agrees that there are body types. I’ll tell you what I think I know and if you don’t like it….

EndoMorph – This is the shitty one. The characteristics are wide hips, wide clavicles, slow metabolism, short, with what I see as estrogen imbalance in men, and PCOS as a final product or diabetes in women. There are no advantages to this but the frame is perfect for heavy weight. This is the body type which is ideal for POWER LIFTING

The three controversial body types. Becoming Meso is what prohormones are for.

The three controversial body types. Becoming Meso is what prohormones are for.

MesoMorph – This is the great one. You should wish you die and come back as one of these, or a super hot chick’s sex toy. Big muscles, low body fat, masculine features, testosterone dominant and all the glorious advantages, medium height and hips. Structure is Aesthetic but durable. Either beautiful or rugged depending on a few other factors and how you eat and train. This is an attractive body type to women, and it elicits a involuntary sexual response in a lot of them. This body type is best for being a BODYBUILDER.

Anabolics and prohormones work in a nutshell by making you as mesomorphic as possible. Your bone structure is fixed but your metabolism and face aren’t.

EctoMorph – This is the pretty one. This body type is very attractive on women. Narrow hips, narrow clavicles, long limbs, long torsos, slight joints which hurt when heavy weight is used. I believe they have an issue secreting insulin and that’s why they gain weight so slow and have such a fast metabolism. This is the Ideal Body type for MEN’s PHYSIQUE.

So the Idea is to be as close to the middle (meso) as possible, since that’s the balanced one.

Endo – High Test, High Estrogen, Insulin Secreting

Meso – High Test, Low Estrogen, Insulin Sensitive muscles

Ecto – Moderate Test, Low estrogen, minimal Insulin

The More testosterone the more muscular and masculine you will look. The more estrogen the fatter you get in theory, but estrogen also helps the muscle growth process. (click here for more on that).

So my approach is to use prohormones that convert to testosterone and normal testosterone converts to estrogen. Additionally we need to use enough carbohydrates to force insulin to be released.


Prohormones for Skinny Guys

Below are the prohomrones that convert into the classic mass building steroids. The classic cycle for mass is test, deca, and D-bol. Below  are the three prohormones that convert into these steroids once they hit the body.  Unlike D-bol and other oral steroids, these prohormones are not methylated and thus not as dangerous or toxic as oral or injectable steroids and no where near as toxic as the false prohomrones like trenevar and bestdrol and the like.

4-Andro – This is the Ideal for the skinny guy. It converts to testosteone and then to estrogen but for skinny guys a little estrogen will help. When it comes to gaining mass “Test is best.”

Decavol – Is a prohomrones to the classic Deca! This is the classic anabolic with minimal estrogen and no DHT conversion. It is the perfect addition to any mass cycle for a hard gainer.

pBold –  pBold converts into boldonone/EQ. This is given to horses for them to race better. That’s why its called “EQ” on the street. Equipoise is the trade name after the term equestrian, or concerning horses. Why give it to horses? It has three special features: It increases collagen synthesis 340% in some cases, reinforcing the ectomorph’s weak joints. It increases appetite which will help the ectomorph eat enough to grow, and it increases red blood cell production so there is more oxygen in the blood at any given time (helps with aerobic activity like racing).

TRN – This is the perfect addition to 4-Andro. TRN has Decavol and pBold combined and an aromatase inhibitor to mitigate some of the water retention and estrogen conversion of 3 wet compounds at once.

Of course you need your Rise and Swell as on cycle therapy to combat shut down, and your best off with Form XT and Rise and Swell as your Post Cycle Therapy.

Look for Mass Building For Skinny Guys and Mass Meals for Skinny Guys, next week!

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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