Prohormones: EpiAndro by LG Sciences

EpiAndro by LG Sciences

EpiAndro, the newest legal prohormone alternative to the steroid Stanolone (DHT) has arrived! This prohormone is often stacked with 17-ProAndro because of its cutting, contest prepping abilities. LG Sciences EpiAndro can potentially interact with other steroids, and inhibit the aromatase enzymes. This gives EpiAndro the ability to block estrogen receptors, giving it its “dry” characteristics.

EpiAndro converts into DiHydro-Testosterone, which provides muscle hardness for a solid, leaner physique. Because DHT is 5 times more androgenic than testosterone, EpiAndro doesn’t require higher dosages to perform. This allows for easier dosing and means the liver works less to metabolize the hormones. EpiAndro will provide aggression in the gym and create an environment for more focus on the goal ahead. As a dry compound, users will not only gain lean muscle, but also experience highly increased lipolysis (fat loss).

Side effects of EpiAndro

EpiAndro by LG Sciences has none of the dangerous side effects of illegal steroids such as liver toxicity. Water retention and high blood pressure is not possible due to its “dry” nature. Side effects are well tolerable and minor in effect, they include: low acne and aggression.

Why do we supplement testosterone?

The modern man is at constant battle with environmental estrogens such as “Parabens”. These estrogen metabolites that enter our body exogenously disrupt our testosterone/estrogens levels creating dangerous imbalances. When estrogen rises in a male’s body, increased risk of heart attack, lowered libido, obesity, depression and other side effect occur. These Parabens can be found in food preservatives, plastic and cosmetics such as: soap, perfume, toothpaste, lotions and all other anti-micro bacterial preservatives. Parabens are used in combination to increase preservation, and typically not listed on the item’s label information. Supplementing prohormones increases testosterone and allows the body to function with the intended balance it was meant for. These hidden enemies may be causing havoc on your bodies hormonal levels right now- why wait?


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