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strong man liftingDienolone (4,9-estradienolone) is what the popular “tren precursors” actually convert to. The methylated version of this steroid (methyldienolone) was available over the counter and marketed as oral trenbolone before being banned along with many other steroids and prohormones in early 2005. Dienolone and trenbolone are are very similar in structure, but they should not be considered to be the same.

Dienolone has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 100/10 in comparison to methyl-testosterone, showing it to be fairly anabolic but not very androgenic. Dienolone does not convert to estrogen, but it does have some progestational activity which can increase the effects of estrogen. For this reason, dienolone is typically not stacked with other steroids or prohormones that have a high rate of estrogen conversion. Like trenbolone, dienolone may have a sort of thermogenic effect, increasing body heat loss and helping the user to lose body fat. In effect, dienolone should be comparable to trenbolone or to nandrolone without the estrogen conversion.

Dienolone should not be too harsh in terms of androgenic or estrogenic side effects, but with any steroid androgenic side effects are a possibility and the progestational effects of dienolone make gynecomastia a possibility. Dienolone is not methylated so when taken orally it should not put a large amount of stress on the liver.

Unfortunately, the lack of an added C-17 methyl group causes Dienolone to have very poor oral bioavailability, so this is probably not an effective way to take this steroid. Instead, one would want to take an oral precursor to dienolone. Dienolone may be succussfully used as a transdermal (absorbed through the skin), and an injectable form of this steroid could also be effective.


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