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If you have been unaware, prohormones are under attack again, this time the DEA is looking to add four prohormones to their list of Schedule III steroids. That’s not a bad thing, since many of these are absolutely illegal without any basis to sell.

Second, there is some potential for contamination with the DHEA isomers which could make them impractical to sell. It’s possible that a compound like 1-DHEA is totally legal, but contaminants could be an issue until pure raw materials are found.

Luckily, there is a secondary prohormone structure that would not contain any banned ingredients and still has some very great androgen boosting properties and may activate mass growth on their own. These are HydroxyProgestins, which convert to C19 androgens and also may actively help increase mass with diet and exercise.


Currently there are two HydroxyProgestins on the market which should be legal for all retailers and also provide excellent alternatives to traditional prohormones.

1,4-OHP – this prohormone to BOLDIONE and 1-TESTOSTERONE also has anti-inflamatory properties. Users report increased hunger and the easing of joint pain. There should be zero shut down with this product which means that PCT is suggested but not necessary.

Recommended 1,4-OHP: LG Sciences pBold

5aOHP – this prohormone to androstanedione and converts to stanolone and also should have some activity on it’s own at the androgen receptor.

Recommended 5aOHP: LG Sciences 17-Pro Andro

6-Keto-Progesterone – this is an active anabolic that uses 100% alternative pathways to build mass along with your diet and exercise program. 6-KP is a wonderful product for building mass and stacks with other prohormones, testosterone boosters and just about any anabolic supplement. It isn’t androgenic or estrogenic or progestational, which means it has some other mechanism of action outside of the typical AR activity.

Recommended 6-Keto: AMS Trenavol SEDDS

Here is a conversion chart for 1,4-OHP which clearly shows the conversion to BOLDIONE and 1-TESTOSTERONE. This represents the best choice for those that are wishing to take a REAL prohormone to androgens that looks amazing on paper:



While it’s likely we will see some products that are lost, we as a community will always find ways to look and feel our best. We believe that being in shape is a great thing and shows promise in helping young men feel good about themselves and increase their self esteem. Of course proper diet and exercise is very important for any muscle growth since FOOD is anabolic.

Before you buy another supplement, it’s important to consider a good diet and exercise coach. Luckily at Mind & Muscle, we have aligned with Carl Jackson from Team Juggernaut. We call him the “MASS MAKER” because his system of carb backloading and load and deload exercise has taken many young men from tiny to huge, the most amazing being Jordan Janowitz who went from 145lbs start weight to over 230lbs using Carl Jackson and Team Juggernaut as his coaches.


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