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Legal prohormones do not cause liver toxicity. Hormones with the 17a methyl delivery system on the other hand do cause various degrees of liver issues. We will be discussing legal prohormones, since we do not recommend the use of harsh 17a methyl or any illegal substances.

There are many assortments of prohormone types and to have a rounded understanding of their use, you must divide them into categories. The first division is into “dry and wet” compounds. We will then divide them further into Class 1 or Class 2.


These compounds cannot convert into estrogen and also lower the amount of estrogen currently in the body. Typically, these are used for added strength, cutting and fat loss. Side effects of dry prohormones may include lethargy (fatigue), increase in blood pressure (Due to lack of estrogen, which lowers BP), hair loss (very genetic dependent), sore joints, and changes in cholesterol. Most notably a large increase in aggression is occurred from a more adrenal production. Due to this, strength are gains are over-the-top and typically add multiple add plates to your lifts. On the other hand, dry compounds are not as befitting for building solid mass.


These compounds can convert into estrogen or work as a synthetic analog and perform similarly to it. Although estrogen is often looked down upon, it has many important roles in the physiology of the male body and it needed for muscle building. A healthy amount of estrogen is need for a high libido, create muscle, sustain energy levels and keep joints lubricated, among other important things. Estrogen is only problematic when too much of it occurs in the body, which leads to unwanted side effects. With this in mind, many athletes stack wet and dry androgens together to balance their hormones and reap the most amounts of gains.

Class 1:

Class One prohormones are usually dry compounds that androgenic. (DHT) They will produce high increase in strength and create lean, hard muscle. They typically work well as fat burners.

1-Androsterone- this to the most effective dry compound available. This compound converts into 1-Testosterone, which is 700% more anabolic than testosterone. (Converts into 1-Testosterone)

5a-epiandrosterone- Prized for being incredibly dry, this lean mass builder converts into stanolone. This is ideally used as a cutting agent and for strength gains. (Converts into stanolone)

Formestane- (4-Hydroxy-Androstenedione)-this prohormone is primarily used for its ability to inhibit aromatase naturally. Although decently dry, it is not as anabolic as Testosterone. (Converts into Hydroxy-Testosterone)

17aHydroxy-Pregnane-3,20-doine- Similar in its characteristics to Winstrol, this is a very potent anabolic compound. It’s a great lean mass builder and cutting prohormone. (Active, Converts into Stanolone.)

11-Keto-Androstenedione- this is a weaker prohormone for mass building, it’s more popular for cutting cycles and dieting. (Converts into 11 Keto-Testosterone)

Alternative legal prohormone to Dymethazine


Class 2:

Class Two prohormones are usually wet compounds. These can convert into estrogen and bring each a unique function to the cycle. Wet hormones are primarily stacked to build muscle mass and ease side effects of dry hormones, such as sore joints.

3b-hydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one- Being a 5-ene compound, it’s androgenic and aromatizes into estrogen as well. It’s the most ideal to stack will class 1, allowing you to reduce sides effects, and provide more mass during your cycle (Converts into Testosterone)

3b-hydroxy-androst-4-ene-17-one- Many find this to be a great stand-alone androgen, being far less estrogenic than most class two hormones. (Converts into Testosterone)

19Nor-3b-hydroxy-andrst-4-ene-17-one- This Deca prohormone is used for relieve joint pain and provide a tighter, solid look. This is not best used alone, but is stacked well with 1-AD and 4-AD. (Converts into Nandrolone)

17aHydroxy-Pregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione- this prohormone is a great mass builder, athletes often compare is to Deca compounds (Active, Converts into Boldenone)

Athletes looking to get muscle and increase performance often use prohormonesBefore creating a stack, it is suggested to try one product individually to see how your body responds to its effects. By doing so you can differentiate which products is causing each side effect. It will also help you decide which class two compound you may need to adjust your cycle to your needs. Also take each product responsibly and read the manufacture’s label to know how to supplement it correctly. Never take a dosage higher than recommended to “increase gains”. Your body can only metabolize so much at once. Nothing beyond eating and training right can make you grow like prohormones.

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