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What is a Prohormone?

A prohormone is a compound which is not a hormone, but becomes a hormone when it enters your body. In your body enzymes convert the prohormone into an active hormone. A recent study looking at the long-term effects of androstenedione (an andro prohormone) use in rats for their entire life cycle showed no increase in mortality over a control group, showing that androstenedione and presumably all prohormones without chemical modifications to be reasonably safe.

Mind and Muscle only sells the best natural andro prohormones on the market. Natural andro prohormones have the advantage over chemically altered steroids because they are already in your body, thus they are legal. To compare this to illegal steroids for example, Testosterone is a natural hormone while Methyl-Testosterone is not, it’s a synthetic anabolic steroid. Testosterone does not cause harsh side effects like liver damage and severe cardiovascular damage where methyl-testosterone can cause harsh liver damage from the 17 alpha methylation modification.
Of course you need to have a good diet and exercise program in place for any prohormone to have any positive effect. Also, not every prohormone works for every person. It is possible that you need to find the right prohormone your body responds best to and use that one by itself or in a stack.

Gym Rat Slang Terms:

Dry – can not convert to estrogen, often these do convert to or are DHT. These are good for cutting but bad for mass building.
Wet – can convert to estrogen (This is a good thing for mass building, but bad for cutting)
Stack – combining 2 or more prohormones in a cycle
PCT – using a product after your cycle to increase your natural testosterone production (which can be lowered on a prohormone) for the purpose of returning your natural levels to their highest possible levels.
Cycle Support – using a mixed product for hair loss, liver protection and cardiovascular protection along with your cycle. Rise and Swell Is On Cycle Therapy for testicular health which is separate from “Cycle Support”.
Stacks And Cycles – Premade Stacks designed by me or the vendors that usually contain everything you need (except hard work and proper eating). The Mind and Muscle Stacks are designed by me personally.

The Usual Suspects

1-Androsterone – similar to the old 1-AD, this prohormone is closest to “primobolan” as far as illegal steroids go. It is a dry compound that will help you gain size without sides like hair loss or aggression.
Epiandrosterone – very androgenic prohormone for helping cut and also to increase strength and aggression. May have hair thinning effects in those that are genetically destined to lose their hair.
4-Androsterone – similar to the original “andro” this is a wet compound that converts to testosterone. It helps with mass gains and is critical to have in a stack to maintain sexual functioning.
5a-OHP – good lean mass prohormone that has often been compared to “winstrol” in effects. Similar to Epi-Andro.
1,4-OHP – prohormone to boldenone that is very mild in side effects and produces nice, lean gains in size and joint repair.

6-Keto Pregnenolone– Does not have anything to do with the sex steroids, likely stops cortisol from eating muscle and building fat

A Word to the Future Beasts…

99.99% of people who try to build their own cycle do a truly abysmal job. It’s like they want terrible results their choices are so bad.  So I implore you, don’t try. Just get one of the stacks we designed for you. We promise you are not going to out think us with our own compounds. At the very least look at which items we group together and if it is too steep for your pocket book, don’t skimp on the Rise and Swell. You need to protect your nuts! Below are the best prohormones.

The Basic Mass Stack is a great introduction into how to do things right.  We don’t care if you think your an expert, you should start with a basic stack.

Advanced Mass Stack is for the guy who is getting ready for a show but wants a legal and safe alternative to an illegal underground cycle.

Basic Cut Stack is the introduction to getting shredded.

The Advanced Cut Stack is the final word on getting show ready legally.


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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