Prohormone Side Effects

Are There Side Effects To Prohormones?

Best Lean Mass BuilderOne of the most frequently asked questions I get is “What are there side effects of Prohormones?”

Prohormones that convert to anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS) have the exact same effects and side effects as the actual AAS they convert into.  In addition, many recently banned designer steroids falsely marketed as prohormones are methylated and thus more toxic than injectables!

The Mind and Muscle Store has no methylated prohormones.  This means they are not liver toxic or banned.  Additionally our prohormones are tested for micro organisms and are FDA certified as safe, unlike injectable AAS which are made in some guy’s kitchen or bathroom.  Do you want to inject something your lifting partner made in his bathroom? In other words the prohormones on this site are the safest, most clinically tested, way to get active hormones in your body. And they are LEGAL!

Short Discussion On Side Effects

Google side effects of Aspirin.  Now google side effects of Tylenol.  Do any of these things happen when you take them? No? Guess why? Most side effects never actually happen unless drugs are abused.  Look at the side effects of cigarettes and alcohol.  Alot worse than marijuana right?  50% of homicides are alcohol related.  How many homicides are marijuana related? Exactly.  The reason why something is legal or illegal has nothing to do with how dangerous it is, it has to do with money like everything else in a capitalist society.

The worst side effect of AAS is prison time.  With prohormones there is no prison time.

AAS has the risk of not being real. With prohormones you get what’s on the ingredient label.

AAS has the risk of infection from injecting a contaminated sample.  Sublingual and oral prohormones don’t run the risk of infection.

Almost All Performance Enhancing Steroids and Prohormones are based on the testosterone hormone

I will list the effects and side effects of testosterone and please keep in mind the purpose of anabolic steroids and their prohormones is to maximize the benefits and reduce the side effects. Additionally what is an unwanted side effect to one person is the desired effect to another.

Testosterone/Prohormone benefits:

  • Increased health
  • Increased life span
  • Increased pheromone production
  • Increased red blood cell production
  • Increased endurance
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased sexual performance
  • Increased bone mass
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased strength
  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased fat burning
  • Increased intelligence


Testosterone side effects:

  • Amplified emotions
  • Increased blood pressure in genetically susceptible men
  • Increased bad cholesterol / decreased good cholesterol
  • Hair loss (when converted to DHT, and only in some men)
  • Prostate growth (when converted to DHT in the presence of estrogen)
  • Gynecomastia in some men from estrogen not testosterone itself, can be prevented with Form XT

If you take extra testosterone or any AAS or Prohormones your natural testosterone levels decrease. This problem can be prevented by taking a Post Cycle Therapy product like Form XT while on cycle and Rise and Swell.   If you dont use these 2 products on cycle or post cycle your testicles may become smaller.

Many of the AAS and prohormones are chemically modified to not convert to either DHT or not convert to estrogen. This makes them either dry or wet.  Dry have more of certain benefits and less side effects but are more likely to cause hair loss.  Wet have no risk of hair loss but you look like a water balloon and if the estrogen is out of control you may develop breast tissue. For dry prohormones that don’t convert to estrogen and actually prevent normal test from converting because they, themselves act as anti-estrogens use Epi-Andro or 17 Pro Andro

1-Androstenolone does not convert to either DHT or estrogen and is the closest thing to purely anabolic on the market. It is virtually side effect free. It is one of the top prohormones and is the best prohormone of 2014. I love it so much I want to put a ring on its finger.

Side effects like Aggression, Hair Loss, Prostate growth, Increased blood pressure, and decreased good cholesterol all come from DHT not testosterone. Prohormones which don’t convert to DHT are free of these side effects.  To avoid these either add a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor or use a non reducible prohormone like 1-Androstenolone.

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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