Design A Program To Lose Weight

Program to Lose: Design A Program To Lose Weight

This is the million, wait, perhaps billion dollar question! If I could make a pill to help people lose weight, in one day, I would literally be the richest man alive. Move over Gates, Buffett, and Slim, here comes Reid. Literally, that would make me the richest man in history. Why is that something so simple could be so elusive? Is it an enigma, wrapped in a problem, wrapped in a conundrum. Bottom line, if it was friggin easy, we would all look amazing. The fact is, getting a good physique takes a 3 pronged approach. 1) Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. What you put in your mouth and when you put it in your mouth matter. I would say 80% is a nice representation as a importance value. 2) Resistance training matters. If I hear one more woman say “I don’t want to get bulky, I am going to shoot myself!!!!” Listen, most women (I said most), have a minute amount of testosterone. That means you can lift and lift and lift and you will still have a rough time getting muscle growth. Even guys piss me off. “I don’t want to be your size!” they often say. I am thinking “don’t worry, you never will be!” I feel like saying “why don’t you lift really hard until you get as big as you are comfortable with and then just maintain that physique? I have really good genetics and it isn’t easy for me. I have scratched my head at that comment for years. So I will break it down to you in simple terms how to do it. This wont be a step by step but rather an overview of how I do this with clients.

Set Up A Diet Program to Lose

The first order of business is to understand where you are to be able to know where you’re headed. You cannot be precise in setting up a a plan unless you understand your bodyweight, body composition, and know what you’re trying to achieve. I am often amazed by how few people will actually quantify their goals. You need a number in mind and set small achievable milestones in between. People who are 100 pounds over weight just think ” I can’t wait to lose 100 pounds!” Well, when you hit plateaus, which you will, what next? The Japanese have a philosophy called Kaizen. It is based on continual improvement. In the smallest of increments large goals are achieved. In my experience, it is the best way to achieve progress because you just set small goals to keep moving forward. Next thing you know that 40 pound weight loss is achieved 2 pounds at a time. It is all about making things manageable.

Don’t Become Caught Up In The Small Stuff To Program To Lose Weight

While it is necessary to follow a concise plan, people have the ability to over analyze all the minutiae instead of worrying about bigger picture stuff. I always see the same people weigh themselves 2-3 times in an hour workout. I can tell you my weight fluctuates from 246 pounds at 8% body fat in the morning to 251 pounds at the days end. its impossible to lay down fat that fast. It strictly fluid gain. People also under eat to the point that the thyroid slows down. That makes it impossible to lose any weight at all. I see people start a diet at 1200 kcal per day and do 1 hour of cardio to start. Where can you go from here when your metabolic rate slows; which it will, I promise you. You need to make small adjustments to the food intake and small adjustments to the cardio output. You just keep tweaking it 5 grams here, 5 minutes there. Over time, it will continue to become harder to get leaner. Thats why when I compete in body building shows, I feel miserable at the end. I have little body fat often down in the 3-5% range and that is just plain uncomfortable. If I was not using the strategies I talk about in these articles, I could never get that lean.

Setting Up A Plan To Lose Weight

The first thing one need do is to get a fairly accurate weight and body fat percentage. Then simply go online and use a free BMR calculator. Once you derive your BMR, Multiply the BMR by an activity factor. Once you have that, you can go about setting up your daily intake. No matter whether you are carb cycling, doing Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, calories still count. Hormonal control is important, but over indulging calorically will certainly cause issues for fat loss. Once you set a number, try cutting 250 kcal from food and burning 250 more from exercise. That is a deficit of 500 kcal per day or 3500 kcal per week or theoretically one pound of weight loss weekly. It never is that clean and concise, but that is nice steady progress. 2 pounds per week is about the upper limit of loss to not cause muscle loss or catabolism. Once you have this number in place, you will need to tinker around with the amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to determine what level of each best supports your goals.

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail In The Plan To Lose Weight.

Weight loss is not akin to rocket science, but it isn’t easy otherwise everyone would look like fitness models. Suffice it to say, that isn’t the case. I love the constant bombardment of commercials telling people to join Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig type programs. While I applaud the support they offer, I hate the “eat crap food so long as it fits in your points or your macro’s.” Junk food is the occasional thing, not a daily staple. When I hear people pass over good food to save points to eat bad food, I want to scream!! I tell all my clients to have food preparation days and to always pack food with them. When you end up scrambling to find food to eat, it is usually a poor choice. This leads to quicker plateaus, back sliding, and generally frustration followed by quitting all together. That is just not how you succeed. Here is the simple 5 point plan.

  1. Calculate you BMR- do so as accurately as possible by adding in activity factors.
  2. Develop a diet plan based on your given goals.
  3. Prepare your food and bring it with you.
  4. Drop 250 kcal from BMR+ burn 250 kcal from a exercise regimen.
  5. Continue to adjust BMR based on current weight. The body will stall eventually, make micro-adjustments.


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