Nocturnus 2.0 - Nighttime Growth Hormone Release Supplement
Nocturnus 2

Nocturnus 2.0 By Liquid Labs


  •  Stimulant Free!
  •  No fillers
  •  With Agmatine Sulfate
  •  Pump technologies
  •  4 different fat burning technologies!

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Nocturnus 2

Nocturnus 2.0 Nighttime GH Booster

  • Newly Reformulated
  • Night Time GH Booster
  • Helps Build Muscle While You Sleep!

What Is The New Nocturnus 2.0?

There are many night time formulas on the market. Most people have absolutely no idea what they do or how they work – Nocturnus 2.0 nighttime GH booster is special. It is a bedtime supplement. We recently reformulated it to have more GH releasing properties, more fat burning capacity and increased pumps.

In the new formula we took out the creatine, beta alanine, and citrulline malate to make it easier to let the body rest at bedtime. We doubled the Arginine AKG, and used 5 times the dosage of Betaine Anhydrous, Agmatine Sulfate, and Puerarin(kudzu). We also added leucine to trigger mTOR pathway while you sleep, thus promoting anabolism. Nocturnus 2.0 is a supplement you use before bed to increase your growth hormone release while you’re sleeping. Night time growth hormone release burns fat and protects muscle while that fat is being burned. Anyone who wants to shed fat would be crazy not to use it!

Nocturnus 2.0 is what  you need for insane pumps and fat burning. Unlike typical pre-workouts, Wyked 3.0 and Nocturnus 2.0 cause a massive GH release and up regulate androgen and IGF-1 receptors. to amplify the effects of other muscle building supplements.

Can I Stack Nocturnus 2.0?

All Mind and Muscle brand products are designed to be used in a regiment with all other Mind and Muscle brand products. For example, taking Nocturnus 2.0 with T2 before bed will amplify fat burning when used together, resulting in even more dramatic fat loss.

How Much Can I Take?

The limit of Wyked 3.0 one can take is generally three scoops because of the caffeine. There is no limit to how much Nocturnus you can take! You can add as much Nocturnus to Wyked 3.0 as you want,  or use Nocturnus by itself at night and still achieve that Wyked pump without being up all night!

What About People With Heart Conditions?

Many people are sensitive to stimulants or have heart conditions. We made Nocturnus 2.0 for you! NO STIMULANTS!


Take 1 serving prior to bed with 10 ounces of water. Stack with Wyked 3.0 on training days.

WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use this product if you have and previous health condition, medical problems, or are using prescription drugs.

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