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Extreme Growth Stack

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Want MASSIVE growth?  Take proven products!  This cycle of prohormones and IGF supplements will assist you in any bulking phase! Pr contains 1-Andro, Te contains 4-Andro and IGF-1 boosts mass gains by increasing key growth factors.

Liquid Labs Pr

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Liquid Labs Te

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Nocturnus 2.0 by Liquid Labs

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APS Nutrition IGF-1 Extreme

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Build lean muscle and release natural anabolic growth hormone in your sleep with this stack!  The ingredients in Nocturnus will also offset any libido issues that you may encounter with the prohormones.  It’s a WIN WIN!

Liquid Labs Pr – Liquid Labs Pr is the prohormone to 1-testosterone. Pr is powered by the King of Prohormones, 1-Andro!

Liquid Labs Te – Liquid Labs Te is a must have in any prohormone mass cycle as it forms your ‘testosterone base’.  This “base’ potentially eases side effects and gives your body much needed supporting hormones on a cycle to help you grow!

Liquid Labs Nocturnus – Nocturnus 2.0 Nighttime GH Booster

APS IGF-1 Extreme – APS Insulin Growth Factor-1 Xtreme™ is a growth factor which is very closely related to insulin. It carries the same amount of amino acids as insulin and responsible for the anabolic reactions to GH. IGF-1 is highly anabolic in adults and can help build lean muscle and help recovery times from grueling workouts.

Need a solid PCT to follow up with this cycle?  We recommend Rise & Swell by Liquid Labs to get your natural test levels back to normal!





Take Liquid Labs Pr, Liquid Labs Te and APS IGF-1 Extreme as directed during the day, and take Liquid Labs Nocturnus as directed in the evening for 30 days.  Follow up with a Post Cycle Therapy such as Liquid Labs Rise & Swell after the cycle is complete. Also, prohormones are best taken with 2 Tbsp of cocnut oil with each dose.

Breakfast Dose

1 Pr Breakfast

1 Te Breakfast

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

1 IGF-1 Extreme

Dinner Dose

1 Pr Dinner

1 Te Dinner

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

1 IGF-1 Extreme


1 Dose Rise and Swell upon awakening

Prohormones should not be used when pregnant or nursing. Men over 21 with proper diet and exercise programs. No supplement works without proper diet and exercise. Prohormones may enhance the effect of

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