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BOGO Wyked 3.0 Nocturnus 2.0

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Wyked 3.0 Preworkout by Liquid Labs

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Nocturnus 2.0 by Liquid Labs

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The most powerful combination of pre-workouts on the market!

 Wyked 3.0  and Nocturnus 2.0 cause a massive GH release and up regulate androgen and Igf-1 receptors. to amplify the effects of other muscle building supplements.

Wyked 3.0 Preworkout

Laser Focus, Awesome Power, Inhuman Endurance

– Strongest pre-workout available with LEGAL ingredients!
– No added colors
– No fillers
– With Agmatine sulfate
– Massive Pump Technology
– Thermogenic Fat Incinerating Technologies

If you’re anything like me you were dismayed when the old Wyked was pulled off the market. 1,3 DMAA was banned and almost over night, the pre-workout market was turned inside out. Mind and Muscle decided to come out with our next creation, Wyked 2.1. We put the blend together in the proper ratios to provide the most intense pumps and maxed out the highest safe levels of all the ingredients. Well, all things evolve over time and you’re either changing or becoming antiquated. We decided to bring out Wyked 3.0!

Wyked 3.0 pre-workout will help amplify the effects of the pro-hormones you’re taking. It will up regulates the androgen receptors, allowing the pro-hormones to bind to the nerves and increase strength levels. We included herbs which can cause increases in Growth Hormone production, burn fat, increase muscle pumps, and much more!

I was shocked by how much stronger it was than the competition. It isn’t full of beta-alanine as many people complain about the “skin crawling” feeling it produces.

As a Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, and competitive bodybuilder, I know what works. We understand the science and we know the body. We promise that this will give you great pumps, energy and focus to obliterate the weights.

Our goal is to help you reach your goals and to do it as affordable as possible, when you succeed, we succeed!

Warning: Do not overdose! We really did make this as strong as possible, 1 scoop may be more than enough.

Nocturnus 2.0 Nighttime Pre-Workout

  • Newly Reformulated
  • Stimulant Free Pre Workout
  • Night Time GH Booster
  • Helps Build Muscle While You Sleep!

What Is The New Nocturnus 2.0?

There are many night time formulas on the market. Most people have absolutely no idea what they do or how they work, Nocturnus 2.0 Nighttime Pre-Workout is special. It is BOTH a pre-workout drink and a bedtime supplement. We recently reformulated it to have more GH releasing properties, more fat burning capacity and increased pumps.

In the new formula we took out the creatine, beta alanine, and citrulline malate to make it easier to let the body rest at bedtime. We doubled the Arginine AKG, and used 5 times the dosage of Betaine Anhydrous, Agmatine Sulfate, and Puerarin(kudzu). We also added leucine to trigger mTOR pathway while you sleep, thus promoting anabolism. Nocturnus 2.0 is a supplement you use before bed to increase your growth hormone while you’re sleeping. Night time growth hormone release burns fat and protects muscle while that fat is being burned. Anyone who wants to shed fat would be crazy not to use it.

Nocturnus 2.0 Nighttime Pre-Workout is what  you need for insane pumps,  and fat burning. Unlike other pre-workouts, Wyked 3.0  and Nocturnus 2.0 cause a massive GH release and up regulate androgen and igf-1 receptors. to amplify the effects of other muscle building supplements.

Can I Stack Nocturnus 2.0?

All Mind and Muscle brand products are designed to be used in a regiment with all other Mind and Muscle brand products. For example, taking Nocturnus 2.0 with T2 before bed will amplify fat burning when used together, resulting in even more dramatic fat loss.

How Much Can I Take?

The limit of Wyked 3.0 one can take is generally one to two scoops because of the caffeine. NOCTURNUS is a pre-workout as well, but unlike most other pre-workouts, it contains no caffeine or other stimulants. For this reason, there is no limit to how much Nocturnus you can take! You can add as much Nocturnus to Wyked  3.0 as you want,  or use Nocturnus by itself at night and still achieve that Wyked pump without being up all night!

What about people with heart conditions?

Many people are sensitive to stimulants or have heart conditions. We made Nocturnus 2.0 for you!




Wyked 3.0 – Take one scoop with 10oz prior to workout.

Nocturns 2.0 – Take one scoop with 10oz prior to sleep or stack with Wyked 3.0 on workout days.

WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use this product if you have and previous health condition, medical problems, or are using prescription drugs.

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