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Slintensity Supplement Facts

Although dieting is not easy, making your food work better for you can be. Finding a product that is designed to maximize the shuttling of nutrients to the areas of the body that can utilize them most, while at the same time acting as a Glucose Disposal product is now a reality. Slintensity is a revolutionary product that can accomplish both of these functions in one amazing product. This will help you increase muscle mass gain, while also aiding in keeping your body fat level lower. No matter what level of carbohydrates you eat, this product has you covered.

With the profile highlights of banaba and bitter melon, the synergy of the remaining complex gives unparalleled effects. Here is the profile:

Banaba: This natural antioxidant has many different benefits. Banaba is known for its ability to regulate blood sugar levels. This is done at the same time as increasing insulin sensitivity and the ability for insulin to attach to the Glut4 receptors of the cells. This increase in surface area for the insulin cells to attach, allows for the cells to have greater use of it for energy, and less possible waste. 1

Bitter Melon: This powerhouse herb has several different benefits. One of most prominent is its ability to manage blood sugar levels. This is key for people who suffer from advanced damage from diabetes, or people who have a diet that needs glucose control. This glucose control effect is aided by a laxative effect. Bitter melon has the ability to aid in the removal of waste from the body. This natural laxative effect can reduce the risk of ulcers, as well as reduce weight gain. Finally, bitter melon has the ability to increase the level of fatty acid oxidation. This increase in the fatty acid oxidation, reduces the risk of fat being stored in the body. 2 3

Green Curry Leaf: A new ingredient to the fitness market and revolutionary use in Slintensity, this herb has two main functions. The first is to aid in the digestion process. This increase in digestion will aid in increasing the speed at which the food that has been ingested gets broken down and can be used for energy. The increase in the digestion process is then aided by the laxative effects of this herb to remove any toxic ingredients that were consumed. This will increase the speed and efficiency of the nutrients being shuttled though the body. With the increase in digestion, utilization, and, increased waste removal, green curry leaf also has the added benefit of altering the ability of your body to absorb fat. This is done through a combination of blood sugar control and the usage of the fiber in the leaves themselves. 4

While several other ingredients in the profile work on metabolizing fat and protein, for the body to better utilize them, this formula succeeds in being a full spectrum nutrient partitioning agent, where many other formulas fall short. Several brands just choose to focus on carbohydrate disposal. This concept will only take the body so far. The addition ingredients that round out Slintensity’s formula hits the body in multiple ways, adding to the gains in mass, while keeping the body fat storage at bay. No matter what style of diet you are currently running, this formula can work for you.

Learn more about Slintensity or grab yours here:

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