Primo: Over Rated


220px-Metenolone_enanthatePrimo aka Primobolan aka Methenolone is the most overrated steroid.  “Primo is prime” is an expression you often hear.  Its believed to be a side effect free purely anabolic compound.  This isn’t true.   Its more like Masteron than anything else.  

Primo, like Masteron is a modified DiHydroTestosterone (DHT) molecule.  This modification at the 2 position allows it to survive inside muscle to provide an anabolic effect, not be purely androgenic like normal DHT.  Like all DHT molecules it does not aromatize, thus it cannot convert to estrogen.  This makes Primo, Like Masteron great for cutting.  Primo has virtually no real ability to build muscle. This is likely due to how weak it’s potency is.  It is only 88% as strong as natural testosterone, where Masteron is 132% and Tren is 500%.  Some believe that it is purely anabolic but this isn’t true.  Although it has no estrogenic component it is a DHT molecule so it is androgenic, but not nearly as much as actual DHT or even testosterone.  

Primo has a special feature: It is both injectable and oral.  Unlike any other oral, It has a different ester for the oral preparation, an acetate ester. This decreases the half life and makes it useful for bridging between longer esterified compounds.  

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Let me give you an example:

Lets say you’re coming off a testosterone enanthate and deca cycle. You’re done with the D-Bol because you just used that the first 4 weeks till the deca kicked in. Now you’re want to transition to cutting.  So you switch from Deca to Primo injections.  You start the oral primo after a week because the deca has worn off by 50% (7 day half life) but the Primo hasn’t activated yet (takes about 4 weeks).  Thus weeks 2-4 of your cut cycle you use 100mg, 75mg, then 50mg, of Primo. This will get it active in your bloodstream while you wait for the primo injections to kick in.  You taper down the high dose because the injections will slowly kick in, its not like flicking a light switch at the 4 week point. Why so much oral primo?

Oral Primo is the only oral that isnt 17 methylated. It is however 1 Methylated, but it doesn’t really do what its supposed to: protect the drug from the liver. As such the liver does not strain itself trying to break the drug down, but the drug is mangled like car hitting a huge tree at 50 mph.  The only solution is to use a ton.  

Now we get to another major flaw: Its expensive.  When you take into consideration you have to use almost double the dose of Primo to get the effects of Masteron or have to take 100mg a day oral, which comes out to about $300 a month for an effective dose. Lets not forget its an additive to a cycle and not the primary agent or the test base to keep your sexdrive up…its a fortune.  300$ a month for an oral which is weak is pretty pointless, GH is cheaper and that’s the most costly thing you can do.  

In summary:

Its not purely anabolic, its weak, it can cause hair loss and other androgenic symptoms, and its a fortune.  You’re better off with Masteron.  All it is really good for is a super expensive oral thats liver friendly. But you have to take so much is it still liver friendly?

Now if you want a truly pure anabolic compound that has been proven in a university study to be as effective as Testosterone Enanthate and has no DHT or Estrogen conversion, thats legal, and safe on the liver, then use 1-Andro.


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